Cameron Wurf runs 8 Ironman in one year and finishes 7 of them in the TOP 5

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The triathlete has participated in 8 Ironman events this last year, getting into the TOP 5 in 7 of them and getting on the podium 5 times, quite a feat.

Last Saturday the Australian was second in the Challenge of Almere, with a time of 8: 00: 55.

Today just a year ago Cameron Wurf achieved victory in the Ironman of Wales, just 5 weeks before competing in the Hawaii Ironman, where he broke the record for the cycling segment with a time of 4:12:54 and finished in 17th position.

Cameron Wurf runs 8 Ironman in a year and finishes 7 of them in the TOP 5,noticias_08_CameonWurfBike

Later after a few months of rest throw Chained six Ironman distance competitions in less than five months: IM South Africa, Challenge Venice, Challenge Roth, Ironman Nice, Ironman Zurich and Challenge of Almere, where in all of them he ended up in the top 5.

We have not found a case similar to that of throw in history, that a PRO triathlete has run and finished 8 Ironman distance triathlons, competitive in all of them, and many of them being some of the most important distance competitions, as they are Zurich, Nice, Roth, South Africa o Kona In addition to all this, he also ran and won the Challenge Salou, away Half.

Cameron Wurf runs 8 Ironman in a year and finishes 7 of them in the TOP 5,noticias_08_tabla-wurf-8-im

In addition we must also highlight the "super Julio" that was marked Wurf, "from less to more" (or "more to more") because in this month he ran three triathlons: Roth the 1 in July where he was fifth, Nice one week after getting third and Zurich at the end of the month achieving the second place.

Bike Wurf Photo: Jose Luis Hourcade
Wurf photo at Salou's goal:

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