Miquel Blanchart third in the Ironman Barcelona

The Swedish Jesper Svensson has won the Ironman Barcelona where Miquel Blanchart was third with a great comeback in the marathon.

 Today a new edition of the Ironman Barcelona, with more than 100 PROs registered triathletes and more than 3.000 triathletes in total.

The test began with the 3.800m swim, where the Spanish Guillem Rojas came out of the water first with a time of 45:34, one of the best partials in history in this segment of the Ironman franchise. 40” from him was the Swede Jesper Svensson and further back, 2'40” was the German Horst Reichel, giving time to a stretched group of 14 triathletes. for his part Miquel Blanchart it was 24º to almost 5 'of the leader. Albert Moreno also came out of the water.

Rojas was the first to get on the bike, followed by Svensson who soon gave chase and took control of the test. When passing through the 56 km the Swede had 4 'advantage over a group where the veteran of German Andreas Niedrig threw (51 years will be next Friday).

Halfway through the cycling segment Svensson continued to increase his advantage and reached 5' 20" over a group of 8 units, where 7 of them were German. For his part, Guillem Rojas was the best Spaniard at kilometer 90 of cycling, 9'20” from the head of the race. Moreno was 19th over 10', Cardona 21st and Blanchart 23rd.

Jesper Svenson arrived at the T2 outstanding leader after covering practically only the 180km of cycling, to more of 6 'it did the group of the Germans with Herbst, Kramer in second and third position.

For its part, the main Spanish Pros all arrived together, Rojas, Cardona, Blanchart and Moreno made it in the 22, 23, 24 and 25 to 18 'positions of the leader.

The marathon started with Svensson running solidly, while behind the German Franz Loeschke was placed second.

At km 10 Svenson kept more than 5' on his main pursuer. After Loeschke, the New Zealander Scheltinga was third by more than 6' along with the German Herbst. At km 15 Svensson gave up a minute on Loeschke who was already 4' ahead. At this point there were 8 Germans in the top 10. When passing through the half marathon, the Swede only had 2'30” ahead of Loeschke who was running very fast. Like Miquel Blanchart, who flew on foot and had climbed 16 positions, being 8th in the half marathon.

At kilometer 28 Loeschke was only 23” behind the leader while Blanchart was fifth. Fanz Loechke was placed lier after kilometer 30 and went straight for the victory... although Svenson held the push of the German.

Finally victory for the Swedish Jesper Svensson, who took the victory for a few seconds ahead of the German Franz Loechke and third Miquel Blanchart, tracing 21 positions in the marathon.Albert Moreno has finished in tenth position

There are no previous results.

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