Curiosities of XXV Club la Santa Ironman Lanzarote 2016

We have compiled some interesting and interesting facts that have happened in the XXV anniversary of Club La Santa Ironman Lanzarote




Carmelo Ruiz he became the first Spaniard to reach the 20 IM of Lanzarote.

Carmelo Ruiz

Ingrid Arning yesterday ran his 8º IM Lanzarote, female record. Ingrid together with Inés Hernández (7 LZs) and SusanaRomán (6 Lzs) are "Las reinas de la Isla".

Ingrid arming

Miquel Blanchart with the 7ª square of yesterday, is the first Spanish with consecutive 4 top7 in Lanzarote.

Miquel Blanchar Dubuai 290116


Saleta Castro I also had 4 top7 in a row, but yesterday I could not finish due to digestive problems.

Saleta Castro Retired Ironman Lanzarote 2016


Jesse Thomas He became the first American (man) to win the Lanzarote Ironman.

Jesse Tomas Ironman Lanzarote 2016


Tine Holst He was accompanying Kenneth Gasque for a few moments, handing out medals to the finishers of the event.

Tina Holst


Ricardo Abad 2 completed ironman Lanzarote nonstop. The ultrafondista made the same tour on Friday and Saturday in the official competition.

Ricardo Abad 2 Ironman throw you

Pedro Jose Andújar He starred in one of the exploits of the race, after two fighting injuries, the mere fact of being able to compete on the island was already a triumph for him, but still and so a top20 of the overall was marked, first in 25-29 and slot to Kona. Much of the fault of the recovery of Pedro was from our partner, Dr. Mª Angeles Sánchez.

Pedro Andújar


Iván Álvarez with his victory in 35-39 he got his 5º slot to Kona (the youngest Spaniard to achieve it), equal to Jaime Menéndez de Luarca, Guillermo Lladó and Albert Comas. The last two have been Finisher in "Mecca" 5 times, this 2016, Jaime and Ivan will try to match them.


Cristina Moya (18-24) ran with the same bike as his father Antonio Moya in 1997, a Giraffe made by himself, with a Mavic front wheel of the year 2000 and a rear 2 sticks that had almost 20 years. Antonio Moya was one of the pioneers of the Comunidad Valenciana in Ironman, he was the third best Spanish in Lanzarote'96.

Cristina Moya


Maribel Blanco winner of the 2002 and 2003 and the first Spanish Olympic triathlete returned to Lanzarote, this time to accompany a group of 10 triathletes who trained to compete in this Ironman


Skechers Perfomance, Official sponsor of running shoes on the Ironman European Tour

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