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7 facts and curiosities of the debut of Javier Gómez Noya in the Ironman of Cairns

Here we quote some interesting facts and curiosities about the debut of Javier Gómez Noya in the past Ironman of Cairns, where he got second place.

1.- Best Spanish debutant in history

With a time in goal of 7:56:38 Javi has achieved "the best record" of a Spanish triathlete in his Ironman debut. Ivan Raña in his day he marked 8: 15: 20 in Cozumel'12 and Eneko Llanos 8: 31: 41 in Western Australia'05.

2.- Fourth Spanish sub 8h in Ironman

Until yesterday alone Ivan Raña (2 times), Eneko Llanos (2 times) and Víctor del Corral They had managed to break the 8hs barrier in an Ironman. Javi is also the only one to have achieved it in the southern hemisphere.

3.- And second best Spanish marathon

Black Victor del Corral in the Florida IM 2013 (2: 37: 29) ran an Ironman marathon faster than Javi (2: 41: 00)

4.- Second best debutant in history in an Ironman

According to our database, only Brent Macmahon managed to make his debut with a better brand than Noya. The Canadian achieved a time of 7: 55: 48 in the IM Arizona'14.

5.- Debut with podium, just like the last four champions in Kona

The last four Ironman world champions Patrick Lange, Jan Frodeno, Sebastian Kienle y Frederik Van Lierde They debuted in their first Ironman achieving podium.

6.- Top 10 in the KPR world ranking

With the result of Cairns, Noya has 7.320 points and is already top10 in the world ranking. With those points surely will be the highest scoring debutant in Kona in history

Javier Gómez Noya at the end of the Cairns Ironman

7.- Great cyclist segment

Javier is a complete triathlete, a total triathlete who shines in all three segments. With his step to the average distance the few times that he did not manage to win (2 of 11) was mainly that in the cycling segment he did not manage to be with the best ones.

Here in Cairns its cycling segment lived up to the best cyclists, arriving 7th in T2… but only 52” behind the leader.

Photos: Javier Gomez Noya Press / @ironmanlive

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