Curiosities and thanks 2019 - Club La Santa Ironman Lanzarote 2019

The XXVIII edition of Club La Santa Ironman Lanzarote has brought great moments, curiosities and anecdotes that, as every year, we want to highlight below.

Spanish triathlete Emilio Aguayo debuts with a podium.

After winning VOLCANO TRIATLÓN just a few weeks ago, the Spanish triathlete is back on the podium. For his part, the renowned triathlete and Emilio's coach, Jaime Menéndez de Luarca, made these statements on his social networks after the event ended

"Having the opportunity for a short triathlete like @aguayotri to rely on one as a coach in a long-term plan to transform him into an Ironman is a privilege. 3 long years without hurry, without burning stages and with a respectful debut but without fear in IRONMAN of Lanzarote have led him to a podium that 7 in the morning was difficult to predict due to the uncertainty of the debut and the quality of the rivals.

Emilio faced different forms of agony that in the ITU and without ever being preoccupied with the letters of others, he reached the goal of Puerto del Carmen with an apprenticeship that I hope will be very valuable in the years to come. #sichef Congratulations and thank you Emilio"

Emilio Aguayo and Maja Nielsel this year will be athletes sponsored by the Club La Santa, so they will continue training in the highest level sports facilities offered by this sports complex.

Emilio Aguayo Ironman Lanzaorte
IRONMAN / Emilio Aguayo Ironman Lanzaorte

A deserved podium for both, without a doubt, which we want to echo, thus showing the recognition and admiration of both. 

20 years in the elite. Triathletes of the likes of Iván Raña and Andreas Raelert

They are still at the bottom of the canyon. At the Sydney 2000 Olympics we saw them at the starting line, this 2019 we could see them once again together at the starting line of LA SANTA IRONMAN Lanzarote. 

Winners in the elite with more than 40 years

Frederick Van Lierde He won this weekend just the same day he was doing 40 years, joining in this way Eneko LlanosCameron Brown, Marino Vanhoenaker (among others) who have won an IRONMAN test with 40… or more!

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