The Strava data of the Cameron Wurf cycling record in the Ironman of Hawaii

He completed the 180 km of cycling in a time of 4: 07: 30 

The 20 anniversary of Hawaii IronmanIt has been an edition of records, where besides fighting better career times, they beat the female swimming with Lucy Charles and those of cycling by Daniela Ryfy Cameron Wurf

Daniela Ryf I achieved the segment record with a time of 4:26:07. Taking it from Karin Thuerig (04:44:19) since 2011, while Cameron Wurf, broke his own record with a time of 4:09:06, shattering his previous record of 4:12:54 (official times)

 In Australia he has published in Track the Track that allows us to see how was the 180 km sector of the Kona Ironman, which means an average speed of 43, 61 km / h

(Click on the image to access Strava)

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