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How to follow the Lanzarote Ironman live?

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The test that begins at 7: 00 AM (8 00 peninsular hour) has one of the best posters in its history with 7 winners of the test

1.600 triathletes will meet this Saturday at the XXVI edition of the Ironman Lanzarote where Víctor del Corral , Carlos Lopez y Saleta Castro lead the Spanish triarmada

Preview: What is happening at the Ironman Lanzarote?

This edition will be special since we will be able to see 7 winners of the race on the starting line, such as Jesse Thomas winner in 2016 and the only triathlete in history who has managed to beat Jan Frodeno in an Ironman alongside Sebastian Kienle and Ben Hoofman in kona 2014, Tine Holst: (2016) Alessando Degasperi (2015) Diana Riesler (2015) Romain Guillaume (2014) Lucy Gossage (2014), y Víctor del Corral (2012).

Preview of the race

Video of the Carrera exit

How to follow the Ironman of Lanzarote live?





The test is estimated to end at 15:35 PM / 16; 35 (time in Peninsula)

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