The duel of the century: Javier Gómez Noya vs. Jan Frodeno vs. Alistair Brownlee in the Ironman World Championship 70.3

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The three World Champions will be on the starting line of the Ironman World Championship 70-3 to be played the 1 and 2 in September

The current Champions of the modality, Javier Gómez Noya y Daniel Ryf they will participate in the test with the objective of revalidating their titles obtained last year, but both in the male and female category, there will be a large number of participants who will surely find it difficult.

Yesterday we published that the record of Spanish participation in a World Championship, since we have the presence of Spanish 94

In the male category, there is also Noya, Jan Frodeno Champion in 2016 and Alistair Browlee , Ben Kanute o Sam Appleton among others. Emilio Aguayo y Albert Moreno complete the Spanish representation in the test

List of male participants

1 Gomez Noya Javier ESP (Spain)
2 Appleton Sam AUS (Australia)
3 Frodeno Jan DEU (Germany)
4 Von Berg Rodolphe USA (United States of America)
6 White Michael AUT (Austria)
7 Kanute Ben USA (United States of America)
8 Mendez Cruz Mauricio MEX (Mexico)
9 It Ruedi CHE (Switzerland)
10 Carnation Maurice DEU (Germany)
11 Currie Braden NZL (New Zealand)
14 Metzler Justin USA (United States of America)
15 Dreitz Andreas DEU (Germany)
16 Heemeryck Pieter BEL (Belgium)
17 Ascenco Santiago BRA (Brazil)
18 Vandendriessche Kenneth BEL (Belgium)
19 Riederer Sven CHE (Switzerland)
20 Jarrige Yvan FRA (France)
21 Amorelli Igor BRA (Brazil)
22 Bowden Adam GBR (United Kingdom)
24 Smales Elliot GBR (United Kingdom)
25 Toldi Fernando BRA (Brazil)
26 Brownlee Alistair GBR (United Kingdom)
27 Autumn Marcus DEU (Germany)
28 Tutukin Ivan RUS (Russian Federation)
29 Aguayo Munoz Emilio ESP (Spain)
30 Maciel Da Silva Paulo Roberto BRA (Brazil)
31 Cunnama James ZAF (South Africa)
33 Libin Alex USA (United States of America)
34 Azevedo Philip PRT (Portugal)
35 Van de Wyngard Felipe CHL (Chile)
36 Sale Tim AUS (Australia)
37 Haller Adrian CHE (Switzerland)
38 Guilloux Arnaud FRA (France)
39 Fisher Ryan AUS (Australia)
40 Reichel Eyrie DEU (Germany)
42 Roche Kieran AUS (Australia)
43 Buckingham Mark GBR (United Kingdom)
44 Cheek Alan MEX (Mexico)
45 Kastelein Nicholas AUS (Australia)
46 Rolli Markus DEU (Germany)
48 Neumann Max AUS (Australia)
49 Ackermann Johann DEU (Germany)
50 Moreno Molins Albert ESP (Spain)
51 Raelert Michael DEU (Germany)

In regards to the female test, Daniela Ryf She is the great favorite where she will try to get the fourth world title in this event. we will also have to take into account Emma Pallant  , Melissa Hauschildt World Champion in 2013, Heather Wurtele o Sarah True among others.

List of female participants

1 Ryf Daniela CHE (Switzerland)
2 Pallant Emma GBR (United Kingdom)
4 True Sarah USA (United States of America)
5 Hauschildt Melissa AUS (Australia)
6 Seymour Jeanni ZAF (South Africa)
7 Frederiksen Helle DNK (Denmark)
8 Haug Anne DEU (Germany)
9 Würtele Heather CAN (Canada)
10 Watkinson Amelia NZL (New Zealand)
11 Huetthaler Lisa AUT (Austria)
12 Kaye Alice USA (United States of America)
14 Simmonds Imogen CHE (Switzerland)
16 Olive tree Pamella BRA (Brazil)
17 Langridge Fenella GBR (United Kingdom)
18 Lewis Sarah GBR (United Kingdom)
19 Findlay Paula CAN (Canada)
20 Jerzyk Agnieszka POL (Poland)
21 Czesnik Maria POL (Poland)
22 Palace Romina ARG (Argentina)
23 Salthouse Ellie AUS (Australia)
24 Blatchford Liz AUS (Australia)
25 Eberhardt Anna HUN (Hungary)
26 Harari Lotty PAN (Panama)
27 stein Kirralee AUS (Australia)
28 Sheedy-Ryan Felicity AUS (Australia)
29 Herlbauer Michaela AUT (Austria)
30 Watkinson Annah ZAF (South Africa)
31 Nieuwoudt Magda ZAF (South Africa)
32 Hartikainen Hack FIN (Finland)
33 Mathews Laura USA (United States of America)
34 Vodickova Radka CZE (Czech Republic)
35 Morris Kerry AUS (Australia)
36 Low Anne FRA (France)
37 Mahn Bruna BRA (Brazil)
38 Riveros Barbara CHL (Chile)
39 Fletcher Jenny CAN (Canada)
41 Dingman Danielle USA (United States of America)
42 Gehnboeck Sylvia AUT (Austria)
43 Charles Lucy GBR (United Kingdom)
44 Wiens Kyra USA (United States of America)
45 Hering Jackie USA (United States of America)
46 Bracegirdle Sonia NZL (New Zealand)
51 Raelert Michael DEU (Germany)

Photo: Ironman

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