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Emilio Aguayo wins IRONMAN Wisconsin and gets his qualification for the Ironman Hawaii 2020

The Valencian triathlete has participated today in the test where he has achieved his first victory in the distance and the pass to Kona

Today the XXVII edition of the IRONMAN Wisconsin (USA) where at the starting line was Spanish Emilio Aguayo, in which it was his second participation in an IRONMAN distance test.

After the great race he made last May in the IRONMAN Lanzarote, where he was third, today has shown that he is taking the measurement at this distance with today's second place.

The test awarded a Slot for Kona 2020 to the winner of each category

Aguayo was second in completing the 3,8 km swim coming out with Andrew Keily out of the water.

In the cycling segment, the German Markus Thomschke left with an attack in the first part of the segment to lead the entire cycling sector.

Behind in the final part was formed by a group consisting of Emilio Aguayo, Karl-Johan Danielsson and Adam Feigh with a difference of about 10 minutes.

Thomschke came to T2 first with 9:17 over Feigh and 9:33 over Aguayo and Danielsson.

In the foot race we saw a great Aguayo who with a good pace reached second place in the race at kilometer 7. From there he tried to cut differences over Thomschke who was almost 10 minutes away at this checkpoint.

Aguayo was cutting him more and more time passing by the 15,7 kilometer of race already at 7:27 of the German.

Little by little and with a very regular rhythm, the Spaniard ended up reaching Thomschke at kilometer 31 of the race, to leave alone in search of victory.

In each kilometer Aguayo was increasing his advantage over the German to go through the checkpoint of km 36 with 2:24.

Finally Emilio Aguayo He has achieved victory with a time of 8:34:20, achieving qualification for the 2020 IRONMAN World Championship to be held in Kona. Second has been Markus Thomschke (8: 38: 24) and Kevin Portman (8: 50: 15) third.

Aguayo's times

In Hoy's race Emilio Aguayo has managed to overcome 9 minutes of disadvantage that he had over Thomschke, to finally get the victory with 4 minutes of advantage over the German.

These have been his career times

  • Swimming 3,8 km: 25:30 (average 1:22 100m)
  • Cycling 180 km: 4: 46: 48 (average of 37,4 km / hour)
  • Foot race 42 km: 2: 46: 39 (6 average: 25 min / mile)

Aguayo season

Emilio Aguayo has made the leap this season to long distance, after having achieved good results in MD, this year he made his debut in IRONMAN in Lanzarote, one of the legendary tests of the franchise and one of the toughest in the world.

Aguayo is a triathlete sponsored by the La Santa Club of Lanzarote, and after winning the two tests organized by the IRONMAN and the IRONMAN 70.3, he will jump to the mecca of the Triathlon. Kona

In the test he got a great third place behind the winner Frederick Van Lierde and Christian Kramer who was second.

With this victory in his second test, he shows that he has taken the point at a distance and with his qualification for Kona 2020, he will surely prepare the appointment thoroughly. A hopeful race for the triathlete in a perfect race that he will surely not forget.


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