Emilio Aguayo second and Anna Noguera third in the Club La Santa Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote

The Valencian triathlete repeated the second position he achieved last year in a race in which he won the French Tom Lecomte with a great race on foot 

This morning a new edition of the La Santa Ironman Club 70.3 Lanzarote, the seventh, since the test will be running in 2012 with the victory of Iván Raña and Danne Boterenbrood.

Like "his brother May" the Club La Santa Ironman Lanzarote, the middle distance race has become "70.3 of the Spanish", The test where national triathletes have achieved better results, with the victories of Ivan Raña, Victor del Corral, Eneko Llanos and the podiums of Saleta Castro, Judith Corachán, Emilio Aguayo and the own Victor del Corral.

The test started on time at the 7: 30 insular hour with the male PRO and 1 'exit, then the PRO PRO competition began. After them, mass output of the over 600 age groups.

Swimming was done in the Santa lagoon, with a flat sea, such as a pool and a water temperature at 23º C. After the 1900m of swimming the Russian Andrey Bryukhankon He was the first to get out of the water, with a time of 22: 44. Five seconds away from him it was a group of five units where he was Emilio Aguayo and the German Nils Frommhold among others. The winner of 2016 Pieter Heemeryck it was seventh to 1'30 »of the head.

After a quick T1, located in the La Santa Club stadium, Frommhold He got on the bike first and started pedaling hard. After him Aguayo, Smales and the rest of the sextet headed in a few seconds. The German came out very strong and at the pace of the 30 kilometer led the competition alone with 1: 45 advantage over the Swiss Manuel Küng and 2: 10 on the duo they formed Heemeryck y Aguayo. In the 60 kilometer Frommhold he increased his advantage and had more than 4: 30 on Küng that had been hunted by Heemeryck Aguayo. From behind to 2 minutes of them was the French Tom Lecomte in fifth position.

Frommhold He continued to increase his advantage and reached the T2 with more than 6 minutes ahead of his pursuers, a trio formed by Lecomte, Aguayo and Küng. Meanwhile Heemeryck It gave in the last kilometers of cycling and came in fifth position to the second transition to almost 8 minutes of the German.

The final half marathon was going to give a return to the classification. Frommhold He left with the intention of being able to stand on foot and keep the great income he had, but behind his pursuers ran faster than him, especially the French Lecomte I was flying.

In the 4 km I had already cut more of 1 'to the German. After the first lap at km 7 Frommhold he was still a leader but with Lecomte to 3: 30, he had reduced 7 km by almost half of the leader's advantage. By this point Aguayo it was third to 5 'of the leader.

Around kilometer 9 Lecomte was leading, Frommhold I was running very slowly compared to the other pros. Aguayo he was still third a few seconds behind the German. In the 14 kilometer Lecomte continued leading with authority with more than 3 minutes ahead of the Valencian Aguayo.

Finally victory for the French Tom Lecomte with a goal time of 3: 51: 41 followed by Emilio Aguayo with 3: 57: 46 and closed the podium the British George Goodwin with 4: 01: 11

Lucy Gossage gets the "doublet" winning the Ironman and the Ironman 70.3 of Lanzarote

In the women's competition, triumph of Lucy Gossague, achieving the "double" Ironman and Ironman 70.3, since the British already won in May at the Santa Ironman Lanzarote Club. For its part Anna Noguera achieved his first podium of the Ironman 70.3 circuit being third in goal.

The test began with the Austrian Bea Weiss leading the test with Camilla Pedersen. Both were the first to cover the 1900m of swimming. After them more than 2: 30 Saleta Castro in third position and fourth was Anna Noguera more than 3 minutes. For her part Lucy Gossage did it in fifth position more than 4 minutes.

In the cycling segment the Swiss was placed leader in solo to the passage by the kilometer 30 his rent was of 1: 16 on Pedersen. Gossage behind went up to third place but his difference with Weiss did not go down, passing more than 4 minutes. Fourth was the German Schulz to more than 5 minutes. Behind, fifth position for Saleta Castro to 5: 27 and seventh for Anna Noguera to 7: 20.

In the 60 kilometer Weiss was still ahead with 45 »of advantage over Pedersen and 3: 45 over Gossage. Anna Noguera was fifth to 6: 21 and Saleta Castro seventh to 10: 43. The Austrian remained leader and arrived alone at the T2, with 1 minutes of rent on Pedersen and 2: 45 on Gossage. Anna Noguera reached more than 7 minutes from the leader in fifth position and Saleta seventh over 14 minutes.

The half marathon was going to give a return to the classification. Weiss and Pedersen could not keep the podium ... at the 13 km Gossage was leading with the German Jenny Shulz second to 3: 17. At this point Weiss was still third but with Anna Noguera very close to her less than 1 minutes. In the 17 kilometer Lucy Gossage had the victory in the pocket and Anna Noguera was placed third.

Finally victory Lucy Gossage with a time of 4: 28: 02 followed by Jenny Schulz with 4: 30: 41 and of Anna Noguera that was third with 4: 32: 01 doing the best partial race on foot of all the competitors.

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