Emilio Aguayo second in the Club the Santa Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote. 4 Spaniards in the TOP 10

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 James Cunnama and Anne Haug take the victory in the sixth edition of the event and Anna Noguera gets the fifth place, Albert Moreno the sixth and Ricardo Hernández the ninth

Today, the sixth edition of the Club La Santa Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote with great success with the new very fast cycling circuit and where we have been able to see several triathletes in their preparation for the Ironman World Championship next october.

As for the Spaniards who competed in the test, they were Emilio Aguayo, Albert Moreno, Ricardo Hernández y Anna Noguera in professional category.

The test began at 7 in the morning on the beach of Club La Santa where the fastest to get out of the water was the Spanish Emilio Aguayo, leaving 4 seconds ahead of the Dutch Martijn Dekker and the German Markus Rolli. Ricardo Hernández started in fifth position 7 seconds behind the Valencian.

Already on the 90 km of new circuit In the first 15 kilometers of the route, a trio of 3 was formed in the lead in 20 seconds with Markus Rolli, James Cunnama and Emilio Aguayo Muñoz, already followed at 2 minutes by a group of four triathletes, including Ricardo Hernández. In the middle of the course, the leading trio got together a little more, passing all together and widening the gap with their pursuers who were already more than 5 minutes behind Markus Rolli who was leading the test.

Finally, in the final part, Rolli and Cunnama left together entering T2 with 8 seconds and with about a minute compared to Emilio Aguayo. Albert Moreno and Ricardo Hernández entered together more than 13 minutes from the head of the race.

Already in the 21 km carrea segment, James Cunnama was marching little by little to go through the 10 race km as leader with an advantage over Rolli of almost 2 minutes and 2: 40 over Aguayo.

Finally the South African James Cunnama got the victory in a time of 3:47:07 followed by Emilio Aguayo (3:50:20) that surpassed the German Markus Rolli  with 4 kilometers to go and achieved second place in the event. As for the rest of the Spanish  Albert Moreno (04: 00: 31) finally finished in a great sixth position and Ricardo Hernández (04: 05: 21) in ninth position

Men's Classification

1 1 James Cunnama ZAF M PRO 03: 47: 07

2 18 Emilio Aguayo Muñoz ESP M PRO 03: 50: 20

3 5 Markus Rolli DEU M PRO 03: 50: 50

4 4 Kenneth Vandendriessche BEL M PRO 03: 57: 15

5 7 Thomas Strange DNK M PRO 04: 00: 15

6 10 Albert Moreno Molins ESP M PRO 04: 00: 31

7 14 Martijn Dekker NLD M PRO 04: 02: 20

8 2 Ruedi Wild CHE M PRO 04: 04: 13

9 16 Ricardo Hernandez Marrero ESP M PRO 04: 05: 21

10 11 Colin Norris GBR M PRO 04: 05: 27


Statements Emilio Aguayo

 1: 18: 14 in the half marathon gives victory to Anne Haug

In the female category, the fastest to complete the 1,9 km of swimming was the British Lucy Charles leaving with 2 minutes of advantage over the German  Anne Haug and 2:30 on Michaela Herlbauer, Anna Noguera left in the fourth square of the water at 3:20 of Charles.

The British, winner of the Ironman Lanzarote, and The Championship this year and preparing Kona, showed his great state of form by leaving alone and arriving at the T2 with 3: 20 advantage over the German Anne Haug and 13 over the third in the transition Michaela Herlbauer. Anna Noguera finished in fourth place less than 5 minutes from the test podium.

Anna Haug wins the Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote

 In the race sector we could have a great comeback from the German Anne Haug that cut the difference with respect to Charles, reaching it in KM 5 to finally get the victory in a time of 4:12:38. Lucy Charles (4: 20: 32) was second followed by Michaela Herlbauer (4: 29: 34) occupying the third place on the podium

 Finally Anna Noguera got a great fifth place

Anna Noguera fifth in the Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote

Female classification

1 34 Anne Haug DEU F PRO 04: 12: 38

2 26 Lucy Charles GBR F PRO 04: 20: 32

3 25 Michaela Herlbauer AUT F PRO 04: 29: 34

4 27 Alexandra Tondeur BEL F PRO 04: 33: 05

5 33 Anna Noguera ESP F PRO 04: 35: 39

6 30 Annah Watkinson ZAF F PRO 04: 40: 53

 El Club La Santa IRONMAN 70.3 Lanzarote 2017 is organized jointly with the Cabildo of Lanzarote and offers 50 qualifying places for the IRONMAN 70.3 2018 World Championship in South Africa

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