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Eneko Llanos the Spanish with the most wins Ironman

Vitoria has achieved 7 victories in Ironman events

With the victory achieved in the Ironman Arizona this past weekend Eneko Llanos added his victory number 7 in Ironman tests  thus becoming the Spaniard with the most triumphs and returned to the top of a podium five years after winning at the Ironman in Frankfurt. He was also the only Spaniard to achieve an Ironman victory this season.

Eneko Llanos is the best Spanish triathlete in the Hawaii Ironman, having competed uninterrupted from 2006 to 2017 and thanks to the new direct classification system in 2019 it will also be in Kona

Remember Eneko was an Olympian in Sydney and Athens  started to be known in 2003 after getting the Long Distance World Championship en Ibiza.

Ironman winners Eneko Plains

  • Ironman Arizona 2018
  • Ironman Frankfurt 2013
  • Ironman Melbourne 2013
  • Ironman Arizona 2011
  • Ironman Texas 2011
  • Ironman Lanzarote 2010
  • Ironman Lanzarote 2007

Debut in 2015 with second place and his way in Kona

The 27 of November of 2005 Eneko Llanos managed to be finisher of his first Ironman, after having had to abandon in his first two, and he did it in a big way, being second in the IM from Western Australia the 27 of November, days before fulfilling the 29 years

The result of Eneko was also the best of a Spanish triathlete (man) in an Ironman test. With that result Eneko also achieved its classification for the Hawaii World Cup of 2006.

In 2006 he disputed the IM of Austria where he was third and later debuted in "Mecca". In his first Hawaii World Cup Eneko ended in the 5ª position, being to date the best debut of a Spanish in Kona. Later in 2007 Eneko achieved the 7ª square.

The next year in 2008 Eneko got to be second, coming to lead the competition for many kilometers and making Spanish triathlon dream with the first win in Kona ... but a great Alexander Craing took the win ahead of Eneko in the marathon. The time of Eneko in goal was 8: 20: 50, being the current "best brand" of a Spanish in Kona.

In 2009 Eneko Llanos could only be 14º but the next year in 2010 he returned to the positions of honor achieving the 7ª position. Little by little new rivals were joining and more triathletes were trying to qualify for Hawaii ...

Eneko Llanos was always there, competing with the best. 2011 and 2012 They were difficult years for Eneko in Kona. Despite having achieved important results in major continental Ironman Championships (1º Texas 2011 and 4º in Melbournne 2012) in these two years had to leave in the world championship.

En 2013, Eneko was doing the best season of your life, with triumph in Melbourne and Frankfurt, and reached Kona as one of the top favorites to win but could not be fighting with the first and "Only" could be 11º.

One year later in 2014 Eneko had to leave the IM of Hawaii for the third time in his sports career.

After the abandonment of Kona in 2014 weeks later Eneko returned to the competition being second in the IM of Fortaleza, and achieving his first podium in South America. Two good results in 2015 (5º in South Africa and 8º in Frankfurt) classified Eneko for its 10º Kona in 2015, year where it shone again with the best, achieving a magnificent 7ª position. Finally in 2016 and 2017 Eneko "only" could be 27º and 24º.

Finally in this 2018 Eneko fought to be in Kona for the thirteenth consecutive time, competing for the IM of South Africa and Nice, but could not achieve the classification.

Photo: Instagram Eneko Llanos

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