Eneko Llanos the oldest veteran of IRONMAN Kona with 12 participations

It is presented in kona with its best personal brand in IRONMAN 7: 55: 26

Eneko Llanos, will be in Kona once again this year, after last year he could not participate. For the appointment of the 2019 he got his Slot in the IRONMAN Arizona where he got the victory.

Also this year he has managed to win at home, in the IRONMAN VitoriaWith its best personal brand with a time of 7: 55: 26 so you arrive at the appointment with good credentials.

With this time it is still the third Spanish faster in completing the distance of 3,8 km of swimming, 180 km of cycling and 42,2 km of running

Your 13º participation in the IRONMAN Kona

This will be your 13º participation in the test, being the professional triathlete of those who participate this year with more experience. Eneko has finished the race on 9 occasions.

Eneko Llanos y Linsey Corbin they are the professionals with the most participation, both debuted at 2006 and participated in 12 occasions at Kona.

His best position and brand in Kona got it in the year 2008 where he was second with 8: 20: 50

This is the list of your participations in the IRONMAN Hawaii and the position he got in the test

Year Job title
2006 5 º
2007 7 º
2008 2 º
2009 14 º
2010 7 º
2013 11 º
2015 7 º
2016 27 º
2017 24 º

There are no previous results.

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