Eneko Llanos and Heather Jackson win the IRONMAN Vitoria

The vitoriano has obtained the victory in the first edition of the test

Today, the first edition of the IRONMAN Vitoria with the presence of some of the best Spanish professionals in long distance such as Eneko Llanos, Alejandro Santamaría, Miquel Blanchart, Carlos López, Judith Corachán or Judith Brito among others.

The test has counted on more than 2.000 triathletes, quite a record, in one of the tests where triathlon is most experienced in our country.

It all started at 8: 20 in the morning with the start at the Ullibarri-Gamboa lake with the 3,8 km of swimming. The first to leave the water was Josh Amberger followed by Carlos López or Peru Alfaro to 1: 17. Eneko Llanos left 5º to 1: 25, Miquel Blanchart 6º to 7: 23 and Alejandro Santamaría 12º to 12: 32.

In the 180 km of cycling, Amberger was in the lead until km 60 where he was reached by Eneko Llanos, Antony Costes and Peru Alfaro. At that point Carlos López was fifth but already 14 minutes away, Miquel Blanchart 6th to 15th and Alejandro Santamaría 11th to more than 22 from the head of the race.

From there they were imposing a strong rhythm to let Alfaro off the hook leaving the trio alone going through the middle of the segment with 2: 11 advantage.

The leading trio, was increasing its advantage to get to the T2 with 11 minutes ahead of Peru Alfaro who was fourth quarter of the bike. At this point Carlos López was 5º (to 20: 40), Miquel Blanchart sixth (20: 47), Santiago Martínez Torres 8º (to 27: 51) .Sergio Bolado 10º (to 31: 52) and Alejandro Santamaría 11º (to 32) : 04).

Already in the first moments of the race on foot we saw a motivated Eneko Llanos with a strong rhythm leaving his fellow escape. In the step by the kilometer 4,4 of race already ahead of Antony Costes with 56 seconds and Josh Amberger with 1: 03.

Eneko little by little continued to increase his advantage through the half marathon with 3:47 advantage over Amberger and 11:32 over Peru Alfaro who was already third. Miquel Blanchart passed in fourth position 20 'behind the head of the race, Carlos López 5th at 25'. Alejandro Santamaría, who with a faster pace than those in front, was climbing positions, passing sixth, 6 'behind Carlos.

In the 36 km it was already with an 8 advantage: 35 over Amberger, with times of trying to lose 8 hours in the test. Peru Alfaro was still in third position moving to 12 'and 3: 30 in second place. Miquel spent fourth at 10 'by Alfaro

Finally Eneko Llanos he continued to expand his advantage to get the victory in the first edition of the test with a time of 7: 55: 16 down from 8 hours.

There are no previous results.

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