Gurutze Frades will look for his fifth Slot for kona in the IRONMAN SOUTH AFRICA

The Basque triathlete appears on the start list of the event where last year was second.

Gurutze Frades, will attempt to qualify for the IRONMAN World Championship, which will be held in Hawaii on October in the IRONMAN SOUTH AFRICA  the March 29.

If you get it, it will be your fifth participation (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) in the most important race in the world in the distance

Last year was second

Guru, you know this test well, since last year it ended in second position behind Lucy Charles, who took the victory.

In this race he made a time of 8:40:47 with the best part of running race completing the marathon in 2:52:40 and getting the Slot for Kona 2019

The test had to cut the swimming segment and instead of 3,8 km 1.6. In this two triathletes died in water.

Eneko Llanos He was fourth in the men's category

In Australia 2020, he got the best time of a Spanish in the distance

At the end of last year, Guru competed in IRONMAN Western Australia where he finished in third place with a time of 8:49:41.

With this time, it became the first Spanish woman to go down at 9 am in IRONMAN

Up to 6 athletes can be qualified for Hawaii

The test will be held this March 29 and offers 4 Slots (2 in each category) plus two optional depending on the participants

IRONMAN World Champion Anne Haug will be at the starting line

Gurutze will not have anything easy in the test, since it will be on the starting line IRONMAN World Champion in 2019, the German Anne Haug.

It will also be the third ranked in the test in 2019, Annah Watkinson o Laura Phillip o Radka Kahlenfeldt among other

Sebastian Kiene and Iván Raña, also appears in the starting list

Galician, also appears in the starting list with triathletes of the size of Sebastian Kienle. Andreas Dreitz, Nils Frommhold o Matt Trautman.

Provisional departure list


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