Gurutze Frades will participate for the fourth consecutive time at the IRONMAN of Hawaii

Biscay triathlete Gurutze Frades is a few days away from disputing the Hawaiian Ironman.

Gurutze Frades He is on his way to the Hawaiian island of Kona to play the October 12 in the Ironman Distance Triathlon World Championship, a test reserved for the best in the world and where he will participate for the fourth time in a row.

Biscayan triathlete Gurutze Frades is on her way to the Hawaiian island of Kona.

After completing its last concentration in the High Performance Center of Sierra Nevada, Frades will finish its preparation acclimating to the extreme climate of humidity and heat, and adapting to the time change.

Once settled there, he tells us that he still has some demanding workouts before starting the set-up for the race.

Having participated in the previous three editions helps you visualize what you will find.

Despite its great difficulty, Gurutze Frades is a wholeto specialist of this distance and he has a great experience in the preparation in these tests. In your opinion, having participated in the previous three editions helps you visualize what you will find.

In addition, it highlights that keep in mind the hardness of the race and more the fact of beating there against the best in the world of the modality.

Different classification

The Ironman circuit has changed its classification systemIn order to obtain the place for the Ironman World Championship.

Until 2018, the 35 women and 50 men who ranked first in the world ranking were classified for Hawaii.

Now ranking it is obtained directly with the square that distributes each Ironman competition. For Gurutze, this change is significant and he told us at the beginning of the year that he obtainsr qualifying for the World Cup in this way is more complicated.

He commented that both one system and another are very demanding, the former supposed too much physical, psychological and economic burden; This other is more complicated. Before you had to fight to be ahead in several tests. Now we have to perform at a very high level To reach the square.

Despite this, the Iurreta triathlete managed to qualify for another year in the first Ironman of the year in Port Elizabeth (South Africa) after a brilliant performance. It will be one of the 35 women and 50 men of the planet that will compete in the Ironman World Championship, which puts him another year in the elite of this sport modality.

This change has meant that since April 7 Gurutze knew that he had the place for the World Cup, allowing him to do a much longer preparation and a different approach to other years in which he had to compete several times to be in the top positions of the ranking.

3 by 3 for Gurutze

During the preparation of these months we have seen Gurutze competing in three triathlons: Triathlon of Pálmaces, Buelna Triathlon y Frómista Triathlon.

In all three competitions he won. These results confirm the good shape of Gurutze.

Spain's Women's Ironman distance record is still valid.

Throughout his career, Gurutze Frades has excelled especially in ultra-fund tests.

In addition to achieving the Ironman Women's Spain Record in Brazil in 2017 with a time of 9: 01: 00

There are no previous results.

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