Gustavo Rodríguez will look for the Slot for Kona in Brazil

The Galician triathlete will participate in the IRONMAN Brazil in Florianapolis

The Galician triathlete Gustavo Rodríguez, this year is focused on getting the Slot for IRONMAN World Championship in Hawaii, and the next 26 of May will participate in the IRONMAN Florianapolis (Brazil) to achieve its objective.

For the test, the two usual slots are offered for the winners and two more floating ones, so you have options to get it. If the winner was already classified, he would go to the second classified and so on.

You can check in the following link the listing of classifieds for kona

It arrives with the aim of getting on the podium

In Brazil 2 squares for Kona will be put into play with the possibility of a third, so the main objective will be to get on the podium.

For Gustavo Rodríguez, Brazil, it will be the third attempt to qualify for the Ironman World Championship, after the Ironman of Wales (3º) and the Ironman of South Africa (13º).

Gustavo has already participated this year in Duathlon MD Championship (with victory) and at IM South Africa and in the past LD Championship of Pontevedra . We wanted to know firsthand how he faces his second qualifying attempt.

In a interview he told us that in the first two long distance events of the year in which he has participated, has found the necessary consistency to be able to compete and face the test with confidence although in the previous week he has been sick.

The test will start on Sunday 26 of May at 6: 45 local time (11: 45 Spanish time) and can be followed live through the official IRONMAN website.

There are no previous results.

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