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Gustavo Rodríguez sixth and Pedro Andújar seventh in the IRONMAN Kalmar

The first classified have managed to lose 8 hours in the test

Today it has been played in Kalmar (Sweden) a new edition of IRONMAN Kalmar where many trialtetas were looking for qualification for Kona, in the last weekend with Slots this season.

The test began with the 3,8 km of swimming where the first to leave the water was Alexander Berggen followed by 1: 35 by a group of 10 with Clemente Alonso among them. Pedro Andújar left 13º to 4: 44 and Gustavo Rodríguez 18º to 5 minutes of the race head.

In the cycling sector of 180 km the German Boris Stein was climbing positions to pass through the 109 km of race already with 1 minute of advantage over Karl Danielsson and 1: 29 over Guilio Molinari. At this point Pedro Andújar was 8º to 3: 34 and Gustavo Rodríguez 10º to 4: 13

Finally, Stein with a large cycling sector arrived alone at T2 with 5: 21 ahead of Danielsson and 6: 31 over Liebelt. Andújar got off the bike in fifth position to 9: 44 and Rodríguez 12º to 11: 42 and Clemente Alonso to 14: 37. Boris got a time of 4: 03: 08, at an average of 44,77 km / h

In the 42 km of the running race Boris Stein He knew how to maintain the advantage to finally get the victory with a time of 7: 49: 17 followed by Denis Chevrot (7: 51: 02) and for Mathias Petersen (7: 52: 31) in third position.

Gustavo Rodríguez with a good career he was advancing positions to finish in sixth position with a time of 7: 59: 27, Pedro Andújar He was seventh also coming down from the 8 hours with a time of 7: 59: 50. Vicent Castella it was 15º and Eneko Elosegui 20º. Clemente Alonso he retired in the 25 race km

Clemente, who is qualified for Kona, commented on his Twitter account

«There was no today. Honestly, I thought it was much better, I don't know if it will be a day's thing. I have done training until the 25 on foot and I have stopped: of the things that were at stake at this point today the priority was to maintain the continuity that has cost me so much to achieve. Discontent"

10 Top Classification

1 Stein, Boris (GER) 07: 49: 14
2 Chevrot, Denis (FRA) + 01: 46 07: 51: 00
3 Petersen, Mathias (DEN) + 03: 15 07: 52: 29
4 Olesen, Morten Brammer (DEN) + 03: 48 07: 53: 02
5 Renc, Tomáš (CZE) + 04: 51 07: 54: 05
6 Rodriguez Iglesias, Gustavo (ESP) + 10: 11 07: 59: 25
7 Batisda Andujar, Pedro Jose (ESP) + 10: 34 07: 59: 48
8 Liebelt, Markus (GER) + 14: 01 08: 03: 15
9 Kotsegarov, Kirill (EST) + 15: 57 08: 05: 11
10 Danielsson, Karl-Johan (SWE) + 21: 27 08: 10: 41

You can't ask for more, 4 tries on your roadtokona

This has been Gustavo's last chance to get his dream of participating in the IRONMAN of Kona,

Yesterday on his social networks he commented “Tomorrow I don't know what will happen, but tomorrow will be a big day. Aware that the objective of achieving classification is somewhat complicated ... But proud to have managed to gather the necessary determination to fight for that slot until the end with all the consequences. Therefore, whatever happens, tomorrow will be a special day. "

For Gustavo Rodríguez, Kalmar has been will be the fourth attempt to qualify for the Ironman World Championship, after the Ironman of Wales (3º) and the Ironman of South Africa (13º) and the IRONMAN Brasil (4º)

From Triathlon News, we hope you can try again next season, although we are aware of how difficult it is due to the economic effort involved.

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