Gustavo Rodríguez will try to get the Slot to Kona

It will be at the IRONMAN Kalma in Sweden

After two months of hard preparation Gustavo Rodríguez is looking forward to his final attempt to qualify for the Kona Ironman World Championship.

The Galician Gustavo Rodríguez, returns this weekend to compete, after the failed attempts to qualify for the Kona Ironman World Cup in South Africa and Brazil and after the Long Distance World Championship held in Pontevedra, Gustavo is now focused on the national calendar with his sights set on Kalmar (Sweden) where the next August 17 will make his final attempt to qualify for Hawaii.

The objective now is a good set-up and preparation for that meeting in Sweden, preparation that will begin this Saturday 15 June in Logroño, where the Triathlon of La Rioja, test of the Spanish Cup of triathlon and where the Galician already knows the victory in previous editions. A mid-distance test with 1,9km of swimming, 90km of cycling and 21km of running.

The next stop of the Galician will be already the following week in Gernika, where the 22 of June is celebrated on Bikzaia Triathlon and like in Logroño it will be a medium distance test.

End of June will touch change the chip and travel to Montreal (Canada) along with paratroiata Hector Catalá, where they will contest a test of the Paratriathlon World Cup, test already valid for the classification of the Paralympic Games of Tokyo 2020.

The month of July will be a month dedicated to high intensities of training and preparation that will end the 27 of July in the triathlon of Palmáces a recurring test in Gustavo's calendar and where he is the current champion. After this test, all eyes and thoughts will be on Sweden.

Therefore, it will be two hard months of trips, competitions and training ahead of the last big event that Gustavo will have with the Ironman with a view to the Kona World Championship. The August 17, Kalmar, Sweden, is already marked with fire in the Galician calendar

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