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Historic weekend for the Spanish Ironman

One victory, three podiums, 2 top7 and two classifications for Kona are the results obtained by the Spanish

The Spanish triathletes have shone with their own light in the three Ironman disputed this past weekend: Malaysia, Cozumel and Arizona

One victory, three podiums, 6 top7 and two classifications for Kona are the results obtained by Eneko Llanos, Clemente Alonso, Ivan Raña, Victor Arroyo, Eneko Elosegui y Michael Alonso in the three great Ironmans celebrated this weekend.

On Saturday Eneko Elosegui gave the first joy for the Spanish triathlon, getting the sexta plaza in the Ironman of Malaysia, This was also the fourth 10 top for Eneko in a little over 5 months, it was 4º in the IM of the Philippines in June, 9º UK in July and 8º in Taiwan in October.

On the other hand, Sunday continued with the third position of Ivan Raña in the IM Cozumel, achieving his second podium of the year after being 2º in the Club La Santa Ironman Lanzarote. Ivan is the only Spaniard with 2 Ironman podiums this season. After the Galician reached the goal a great Victor Arroyo in fifth position, who achieved the best result of his sports career.

It was going to be in the Ironman Arizona where the second Spanish double was produced in an Ironman, thanks to an immeasurable Eneko Llanos that took the victory and a very big second place for Clemente Alonso.  

Eneko Llanos the Spanish with the most wins Ironman

Eneko added her victory number 7 in Ironman events (the Spaniard with the most wins) and returned to the top of a podium five years after winning in Frankfurt. The Basque also becomes the only Spaniard to achieve an Ironman victory this season.

Meanwhile Clemente Alonso he had achieved the last Ironman triumph of a Spaniard last year in Kalmar. Since then he had not returned to compete until yesterday where he sealed his pass to Kona with an extraordinary second position. Finally his brother Michael He closed the "super weekend" with a seventh position in Arizona.

To finish we want to make a small mention of the best age groups that competed in this weekend and achieved podium in their categories. Juan Antonio Gómez González was 1º in 25-29 in the Ironman of Malaysia and Jose Entrecanales He achieved third place in the same group but in the IM Cozumel. Special mention for Inés Hernández (9 times IM Lanzarote finisher) who was second in 55-59 in Cozumel after getting off 10ª from the bike and tracing 9 positions and half an hour in the final Marathon.

Foto Eneko Llanos

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