The Austrian Ironman in mourning for the death of an 58 triathlete

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The doctors could not do anything for the triateta that was transferred by helicopter to a hospital

Un triathlete of 58 years He suffered yesterday a fall in the 180 km of the Ironman of Austria cycling sector, suffering a great impact against the asphalt and later the hospital died after his transfer.

Local media report that the man, an Austrian from 58 years, suddenly fell off the bike in the course of the 180 km segment, where he received medical support on the road before being taken to a hospital by helicopter.

The organizers, who have not confirmed the identity of the athlete or his cause of death, comment "our thoughts are with his family and friends, to whom we have offered our full support."


El Ironman of Austria It consists of 3,8 km of swimming, 180 km of cycling and 42 km of running, where the winner of the test was the German Jan Frodeno followed by spanish Eneko Llanos in second position.

Photo: Dever Post


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