Kalmar's Ironman in Sweden last chance for Gustavo Rodriguez.

You will look for the Slot for Kona in the last qualifying test

After the attempts of Wales (3º), South Africa (13º), Brazil (4º), it is the turn of Sweden where the Galician Gustavo Rodríguez will seek this Saturday the classification for the Ironman World Championship from Kona.

After staying at the gates of qualifying for Hawaii, in the last Ironman played in Florianopolis last May, now everything is played to a card. In Kalmar next Saturday, August 17 there is only one option that is to win, since in Sweden will only dispute a place for Kona.

During the last months the Galician has planned a training cycle only and exclusively with an eye on this appointment, Kalmar, has become since May the great obsession of Gustavo. Long swimming sessions, endless routes on the bike, kilometers and more kilometers of running on foot have been the daily life of Galician.

In this Ironman and as in the previous ones, for Rodriguez, swimming will be the decisive sector and the one that will mark the success of the test, since the less time you give in swimming, the less the energy expenditure you will have to do by bicycle to cut distances and with greater probability of victory will have when it comes to running down.

Gustavo Rodríguez has been traveling the world for a year, in search of the qualification to play the Ironman World Championship and until now he has always stayed at the gates of the classification, hopefully in Sweden he can reach his goal, a dream that is sure to be deserves.

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