The IRONMAN of Hawaii 2020 will be held virtually with the IRONMAN VR Kona Series.

Through IRONMAN VR there will be 5-week training sessions that will end the competition

Making the most of IRONMAN® Virtual Racing Series and celebrating the IRONMAN World Championship®, IRONMAN has launched the IRONMAN VR Kona Series.

For the first time, athletes will be able to virtually complete the 140,6 miles in different formats: 7 days, 3 days or the traditional 17 hours.

The IRONMAN VR Kona Series will fire on September 4 and last until October 11.

Despite the cancellation of the IRONMAN World Championship In 2020, athletes from around the world will virtually remember the queen of the sport and celebrate its achievements with all those who have made the race possible for 42 years.

Under the motto of E Ola Mau, which means "to continue living", the IRONMAN VR Kona Series will offer different activities, competition, debates and round tables that will unite the IRONMAN community to celebrate Kailua-Kona, Hawaii and the IRONMAN World Championship.

5 weeks of training that will end with the IRONMAN VR World Championship

The IRONMAN VR Kona Series will focus on five key training elements that an athlete would work on to prepare for a long-distance triathlon: speed, strength, self-awareness, endurance and preparation.

IRONMAN Hawaii 2020 will be held virtually with the IRONMAN VR Kona Series. ,img_5f48a02e70e94

Date Block / Stroke Distance Description
Sept. 4-6 IIRONMAN VR22 Kona Speed ​​Block Swimming or running: 1km
Cycling: 25km
Running: 6km
Shorter distances to focus on speed work and start this block of training with power and energy.
Sept. 11-13 IRONMAN VR23 Kona Force Block Swimming or running: 1500 meters
Cycling: 50km
Running: 12km
Slow down and increase the distance with the idea of ​​getting stronger.
Sept. 18-20 IRONMAN VR24 Kona Block of Knowledge Swimming or running: 20 minutes
Cycling: 40 minutes
Foot race: 30 minutes
This time trial aims to focus attention on the pace and increase the athlete's body awareness. Information is power.
Sept. 25-27 IRONMAN VR25 Kona Resistance Block Swimming or running: 1.2 km
Cycling: 56 km
Race on foot: 13.1 km
The longest total distance of the Kona Block, this workout is intended to assess the athlete's fitness level and build confidence before tapering off for Kona Week during setup.
Oct. 2-4 IRONMAN VR26 Kona Prep Block Swimming or running: 1 km
Cycling: 25 km
Race on foot: 6 km
A training focused on the preparation of the race week, allowing the athlete to recover, build strength and prepare for the 140.6 miles during the Kona Week to come.
Oct. 5-11 2020 IRONMAN VR World Championship Celebration Swimming or running: 3.8 km
Cycling: 180 km
Race on foot: 42.2 km
To celebrate the previously scheduled 2020 IRONMAN World Championship, athletes from around the world will have the opportunity to come together to compete in an IRONMAN distance race, virtually, bringing together the IRONMAN World Championship and the IRONMAN Virtual Club for the first time.

You can compete in 7, 3 or 17 hours

At the end of the five-week training block, and as the finishing touch to the celebration week of the 2020 IRONMAN VR World Championship, the first virtual long-distance triathlon of the IRONMAN Virtual Club ™ will take place, which can be completed in seven days , three days or within 17 hours.

Participating athletes will have access to an exclusive finisher package that includes a finisher shirt, cap and medals, including a five-piece medal set that brings together the elements of the training block to represent the E Ola Mau motto and the spirit of IRONMAN perseverance

IRONMAN Hawaii 2020 will be held virtually with the IRONMAN VR Kona Series. ,img_5f489f976cccf
IRONMAN VR Kona Series Medals

It will be possible to follow live

The 2020 IRONMAN VR World Championship celebration will feature a week of programming streamed on the IRONMAN Now page on Facebook Watch.

Race week hallmarks, including the E Komo Mai Welcome Ceremony, the Ho'ala Swim celebration, the Heroes of Hawai`i underwear race and cultural performance, as well as live competitions , professional athlete interviews and retrospectives will virtually come to life.

We will enjoy a daily live show accessible to everyone and presented by Michael Lovato, Dede Griesbauer and Greg Welch, with special guests including IRONMAN legends, professional athletes and Master Trainers.

The Kona series will be different every week

The IRONMAN VR Kona Series will also offer a unique division format, the Classic division, which allows beginning and experienced athletes to compete together.

The Kona Series will be different each week, offering athletes specially designed workouts to confidently get to the perfect spot for success in the 140.6-mile virtual race.

Competitive Challenger Division

The 2020 IRONMAN VR World Championship will also have a competitive division called Challenger for those who decide to participate under the 17-hour format.

In addition to the IRONMAN VR Kona Series workouts, athletes will challenge challenges while learning how to best push their body and mind with purpose.

The challenges that the IRONMAN U ™ Master Coaches will propose will be accompanied by training keys and basic elements that will help athletes train in an optimal and intelligent way for their next race.

IRONMAN Hawaii 2020 will be held virtually with the IRONMAN VR Kona Series. ,img_5f489fa356986
IRONMAN VR Kona Series

On Saturday, October 10, we will offer a special three-hour broadcast live on Facebook Watch of the 2019 IRONMAN World Championship, with live interviews that will offer information on both the action that was experienced in the race, as well as the strategy or thoughts that the drivers had. athletes throughout the event.

Spectators will be able to see how the race unfolded from the perspective of professional athletes and hear their retrospective reflections.

Additionally, as special guests discuss the race and learn more about them, we will celebrate the Hawaiian tradition that has accompanied the iconic race for more than 40 years.

The IRONMAN Virtual Club now has more than 115. people from 170 countries

By virtually uniting the entire IRONMAN community, the IRONMAN Virtual Club continues to grow and has now reached more than 115.000 members in 170 countries and every state in the US.

Tens of thousands of people continue to complete the IRONMAN Virtual Club challenges since its launch in April.

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