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Ivan Raña third in the Ironman Cozumel

Michael Weiss sweeps the test winning with more than 12 minutes of advantage

Today a new edition of the contest has been held in Cozumel (Mexico) Ironman Cozumel where Ivan Raña began his #roadtokona2019

The test that began at 11 local time, it was with the 3,8 km of swimming where Mauricio Mendez was the first to leave the water, followed by Ivan Raña and Igor Amorelli to 4 seconds. More than 2 minutes a group of 7 units and 3 came out: 39 did it to Weiss. Arroyo Salia

In the first kilometers of the cycling sector, Michael Weiss imposed a strong rhythm cutting the differences with the head of race and passing through the 39 km in first position with 1: 18 advantage over a group of 6 where Ivan Raña was.

Little by little the Austrian was increasing distances to arrive in first position to the T2 with 11 minutes of advantage over Philipp Mock. Ivan Raña who got off the bike in seventh position to 16: 51 of the race leader.

From there Michael Weiss continued to increase his advantage to get a comfortable victory with a final time of 7: 58: 34. This has been his third victory in the test after the one achieved in 2013 and 2014. Last year he was second behind Sebastian Kienle

In the fight for the remaining places on the podium Iván Raña with a great race on foot was climbing positions to go through the half marathon in third position to 3 minutes of the Swiss Samuel Huerzeler, who was cutting seconds in each kilometer. In the passage through the last 7 miles of the finish the Swiss passed with only 50 seconds ahead of the Galician.

Finally Samuel Huerzeler (8: 11: 12) managed to keep the advantage coming in second place followed by Ivan Raña (8: 12: 18) occupying the third final position. Víctor Arroyo (8: 26: 34) the other Spaniard in the test has finished in a great fifth final place

In the female category the victory has been for the German Svenja Thoes with a time of 8: 56: 49, followed by the Canadian Angela Neath (8: 57: 02)

Michelle Vesterby, who participated pregnant, has finally been seen forced to retire of the test due to a puncture when I was third in the test.

Regarding the classification for Kona in this test was only worth winning to qualify directly in both the male and female

Photo Instagram Iván Raña @ivanranafuentes

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