Jan Frodeno and Daniela Ryf Ironman 2016 World Champions

The German has revalidated the title won last year with a crushing victory. Daniela Ryf also revalidates the title and beats the test record.


Jan Frodeno Ironman 2016 World Champion


Today, the Ironman World Championship in Kona (Hawaii) where 2.300 triathletes have faced the 3,8 km of swimming, 180 km of cycling and 42 km of running.

At the starting line we could see better professional triathletes of the specialty where there were 42 Spanish among them 4 professionals Eneko Llanos, who participated for the eleventh time in Kona,  Ivan Raña, Gurutze Frades y Saleta Castro.

The test began at 16:30 Spanish time with the 3,8 km of swimming where the men have completed the segment with a large group in the lead where Harry Wiltshire, Andy Potts and Jan Frodeno They were the first out of the water. Iván Raña started 17th at 54” and Eneko Llanos started 22nd at 59” from the head of the race.

In the 180 km of cycling, the controversy has been served from the beginning, since in the images it has been possible to see how the professionals went to the limit of drafting, until they had to stop 4, among them the World Champion Frederick Van Lierde in 2013 in the penalty box.

Penalty Box Ironman


The equality has marked the half of race where, in head, a group of 12 triathletes were only separated by 24 seconds. In this group were Jan Frodeno, Sebastian Kienle and Eneko Llanos among others. Eneko Llanos and Iván Raña have always been in the 20 top of the segment.


Eneko Llanos foot race


As was logical in the final part, the differences between the participants were increased, a group of 7 triathletes arriving at T2 in just 42 seconds of difference, The first to arrive was Sebastian Kienle, followed by Andi Boecherer and Jan Frodeno, Luke McKenzie, Ben Hoffman, Boris Stain and Tim O'Donnel. A great Eneko Llanos at a great level on the bike, he reached T2 in eighth position 3:17 from the head of the race. Iván Raña reached T2 in 26th position, more than 14 minutes behind Kienle, marking one of his best times in Kona.



IVán Raña Carrea on foot

Already in the race on foot the first kilometers were exciting where we could see two World Champions like Jan Frodeno and Sebastian Kienle together in the lead. At kilometer 15 Frodeno imposed a strong rhythm that helped him to gradually take advantage of his pursuer, in the passage through the half marathon he already surpassed Sebastian kienle in 1:30

Finally Jan Frodeno got the victory with a time of 8: 06: 30.y revalidating the title won last year. The second place was for Sebastian Kienle (8:10:02), champion in 2014 ,. The third place was disputed until the end, and finally it went to Patrick Lange (8: 11: 14) that has broken the marathon record with a time of 2: 39: 45, which did not beat 27 years ago.

Behind a great Ivan Raña (8: 21: 51) with a spectacular race segment on foot was climbing positions to finally reach the ninth final place. Eneko Llanos in its eleventh participation kona I finish in the 27º position.

Provisional classification

  1 8:06:30 Jan Frodeno          
    2 8:10:02 3:33 Sebastian Kienle     
    3 8:11:14 4:45 Patrick Lange        
    4 8:13:00 6:31 Ben Hoffman          
    5 8:13:25 6:56 Andi Boecherer       
    6 8:16:20 9:51 Tim O'Donnell        
    7 8:16:56 10:27 Boris Stein          
    8 8:20:30 14:01 Bart Aernouts        
    9 8:21:51 15:22 Ivan Rana            
   10 8:21:59 15:30 Frederik Van Lierde 


Female competition


Daniela Ryf Ironman 2016 World Champion

As for the females, a group of 12 in 15” came out of the water where the first to come out was Kessler, Meredith Segida de Swallow, Jodie and de Cave, Leanda. Daniela Ryf just behind . Saleta Castro started the 16th at 58 seconds and Gurutze Frades at 1:02 from the head of the race. This year the swimming record has been broken, lowering the 4 mark by 2015 minutes.

On the bike Danyela Ryf left with Ana Berakek in the lead, leading by about 3 minutes in the middle of the course over Mary Beth, Meredith Kessler, Jodie Swallow, Michele Verterby and Annabel Luxford. Gurtuze Frades was 30th.

On the 140 km and Ryf demonstrated its quality by almost outdoing 2 minutes to their pursuers reaching the T2 alone with more than 8 minutes ahead of Anja Beranek. Gurutze Frades entered T2 at position 32 and Saleta Castro at position 40º

Already in the race on foot Daniela Ryf showed his great state of form by leaving alone and increasing the advantage over his pursuers in each kilometer, in the passage through the 16 km and was ahead of Anja Beranek in 15 minutes.


Finally Daniela Ryf gets his second consecutive victory and proclaims Iroman 2016 World Champion with a final time of 8: 46: 46. Mirinda Carfrae has finished second and Heather Jackson  third. As for the Spanish Saleta Castro (10: 17: 50) I finish in the position 32º and Gurutze Frades (10:18:16) 33rd with stomach problems.

Daniela with this crushing victory has beaten the career record with 8: 46: 46, employed in the 3,8 swimming km 52: 50, in the 180 cycling km 4: 52: 26 and in completing the 2: 56 marathon: 52

Photos @ leegruenfeld / Ironman / Facebook Fopto belisariopolis / Lava Magazine

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