Javier Gómez Noya sweeps the IRONMAN MALAYSIA

The Galician has won his first victory at IRONMAN

This morning has been disputed the IRONMAN MALAYSIA with the expected participation ofJavier Gómez Noyain the competition.

Noya, who has prepared the test in the last part of the season, has obtained the pass for the IRONMAN World Championship 2020 with his first victory in the distance.

The Galician came from winning the IRONMAN 70.3 Cascais, just a month ago and today Ironman has managed to win at a distance.

He has traced 10 minutes in the running race

The test began at 1: 50 Spanish time with the 3.800 meters of swimming where the first to leave the water was Gomez Noya with an advantage of 1: 43 over Danill Sapunov, winner last year, and Andy Potts.

Noya in the first part of the cycling segment, he left alone through kilometer 30 with more than 2 minutes of advantage over Romain Guillaume and Philipp Koutn and, although 30 seconds behind, came a group with Potts, Sapunov and Vinhal.

Noya remained in the lead, passing with 2 minutes in the 72 kilometer of race over Guillaume and Phillip Koutny who saw very strong. Potts was fourth to 3: 29.

When passing through the km 75, Koutny reached Noya forming a duet that was together until the kilometer 115 where Koutny left forward. Already for the km 128 it surpassed in 1: Galician 23.

Finally, Phillip Koutny arrived at T2 as a leader with almost 10 minutes ahead of Noya and 17 over Andy Potts.

In the race on foot Gomez Noya from the beginning was cutting differences to the Swiss, passing through the kilometer 9 of race with 6: 29 minutes late.

With a half-minute pace higher than Koutny's he was cutting distances until the 25 control point was already first with 26 seconds ahead of the Swiss

From there Javier Gómez Noya was increasing his advantage to get what has been his first victory in distance Ironman with a time of 8: 18: 59.

The second classified has been the Swiss Philipp Koutny (8: 24: 19) while the Brazilian Thiago Vinhal (8: 31: 19) has been third.

With this victory he gets the Slot for the IRONMAN 2020 World Championship.

The times of Javier Gómez Noya

  • Swimming 3,8 km: 47: 17 (Average of 1: 15 min / 100m)
  • Biking 180 km: 4:32:46 (Average of 39,60 km / h)
  • Career 42 km: 2:54:44 (Average of 4:09 min / km)

Your main goal at 2020 the Tokyo Olympics

Noya confirmed to us in Cascais, that her main goal By 2020 it will be the Olympic Games, although he will surely prepare his second participation in Hawaii thoroughly.

He also commented that his main objective for the 2021 He will be the IRONMAN of Hawaii, although if he participates in 2020 he will do so to have more experience.

This year, Noya has climbed the podium in all the distances she has competed in, Super Sprint, Sprint, Olympic, Medium distance and now IRONMAN distance.

The Galician at his 36 years, continues to demonstrate its quality and performance at all distances in which he competes, and is a rival to always fear in any competition

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