Javier Gómez Noya and Chris Nikic, the first IRONMAN triathlete with Down syndrome, train together

As reported by Trimexico, Javier Gómez Noya taking advantage of the fact that he was in Florida to compete in the PTO en Challenge Daytona visited Chris Nikick, first triathlete with Down syndrome in complete an IRONMAN

Noya went to Chris's house to meet in person and train a little together, as can be seen in a video posted on Chris's networks.

Chris Nikic made history the past IRONMAN Florida when he became the first triathlete with Down syndrome to complete an IRONMAN with a time of 16:46

In addition to chatting for a while, they did mobility exercises and rode their bikes.

«Javier Gómez, 5 times world champion, and Anneke Jenkins –Javi's wife– have dropped in at home«

We even had a training session, ”Chris said.

"Life is amazing, there's nothing left to say Javier is amazing. Thank you for your visit. Is it worth training for IRONMAN?

Oh yeah. Javier accepted my 1% challengeChris commented.

«You are a legend, Chris. Thanks to you and your family for hosting us. It was great meeting you and training together », replied Javi.


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