Judith Corachán «I arrive at the World Cup with great desire and aware that I am in a very good moment of form.»

Judith Corachán disputes this Saturday 7 of September the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship where she will be the only Spanish professional triathlete.

Two seasons ago, in the American city of Chattanooga Judith Corachán became the first Spanish triathlete who competed in an IRONMAN 70.3 World Cup in a professional category, achieving a meritorious top20.

Two years later Judith returns to compete in the most important competition in the world in medium distance triathlon. This will be the competition with the highest level of his sports career because of the great quantity and quality of the participating triathletes.

Judith's great season

Judith with a great season comes to the test after winning the victory in one of the toughest events on the European scene, the Embrunman. He has also been third in the IRONMAN Vitoria o runner-up in the LD World in Pontevedra.

He has also won the victory in Challenge Salou, Zarautz y Bizkaia

The test will be held on Saturday

As usual in recent years, the 70.3 World Cup will be divided into two days, with 7 being the women's event on Saturday, with the role of 100% dedicated to women.

The test will count on 1900m of swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, 91km of cycling, in a hard circuit at a turn, with more than 1300m of accumulated slope and with the ascent to Col de Vence (9km at 6,6%) as the highlight of the sector.

Finally, the test will end with the half marathon, practically flat along the promenade, will consist of 2 turns of 10,5 km each until completing the 21 km of the segment.

Daniela Ryf the big favorite

The Switzerland Daniela Ryf, four-time world champion of Ironman and Ironman 70.3 is the main favorite to victory. After her the British Lucy Charles, Holly Lawrence and Emma Pallant are among the favorites on the podium, along with Chelsea Soldado from the United States, Radka Kahlefeldt from the Czech Republic and Imogen Simmonds from Switzerland.

Judith will start with the number 35 in a competition that for her is an award for the best season of her sports career.

Any result she achieves will be a triumph for her in such a high level test where she will try to improve her position two years ago, but being aware of the huge squad of triathletes on the starting list, with 57 PROS.

You can check our previous of the race In the following link

Spanish 24 in Nice

Judith will also be the main representative of the Spanish delegation in the women's competition, which this year will be the largest in history with 24 triathletes ranked in total, 23 of them age groups in addition to Judith that will be the only PRO as we have cited above .

The Spanish female triathlon is experiencing great growth in recent years in terms of medium and long distance tests, where Judith is one of the benchmarks of our sport.

The triathlete the TRICBM arrives in Nice with great desire and enthusiasm to compete with the best in the world: I arrive at the World Cup with great desire and aware that I am in a very good moment of form.


«The level will be very high and I think that entering a top8 is really difficult, but I will fight to make a great race and be as far as possible. I just hope that a great career will come out on a personal level and be satisfied with my role in the World Cup. ”Says the triathlete.

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