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(Video) Julie Moss, one of the most dramatic moments in history IRONMAN

The American suffered severe dehydration and had to finish the test by crawling

The American triathlete Julie Moss was the protagonist of one of the most iconic and dramatic moments in IRONMAN history, where with 3 kilometers to go to the goal of the IRONMAN of Hawaiisuffered a severe dehydration and went to the ground.

Ella had to crawl to reach the goal to achieve his goal, finish the race.

Julie Moss, 23 years old, participated in the Ironman of Hawaii in the year 1982 with the sole objective of finishing the test, as part of a thesis on sports physiology.

Yesterday, the official IRONMAN page, remembered his feat with this publication in social networks

This fight to finish the test, was broadcast live on television to everyone and has become a triathlon legend (Minute 2:35) 

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