Kristian Blummenfelt wins the ironman 70.3 Bahrain. Noya fourth is left without the triple crown

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Javier Gómez Noya who fought for the triple crown was finally fourth, after suffering some discomfort in the race on foot.

Today the third and last appointment of the circuit of the Triple CrownWhere Javier Gómez Noya y Daniela Ryf They opted to get the prize of 1 million dollars if they achieved victory in the test, since both had achieved victory in Dubai and in the Ironman World Championship 70.3 this year.

The competition consisted of 1.900m of swimming, one lap in a completely flat sea. Later the cycling also one lap, it is 90 km flat to finish with the half marathon of 21,1 km at 4 laps on a 5,25 km circuit. 

A recital of Blummenfelt in his debut in the distance

The test began at 4:20 (Spanish time) with the swimming sector where the fastest to leave was Javier Gómez Noya followed by Kristian Blummenfelt at 1:14, Eric Watson at 1:16 and Terenzo Bozzone at 1:18.

In the 90 km of cycling, Terenzo Bozzone was climbing positions to reach the head of the race after a few kilometers and leaving alone, leaving behind Noya and Blummenflet who passed in the third km 29 at 1:13 behind.

Bozzone kept increasing the gap to reach T2 with a 3 minute lead over Blummenfelt and almost 7 minutes over Noya who came in third, followed 1 second by Johann Ackermann.

As for the 21 km of foot race Kristian Blummenfelt with a large sector (1: 13: 34 in the 21 km) was climbing the difference with the race leader to overtake him in the 12 km and get the victory in the test with a time of 3: 40: 24. The second to enter was Terenzo Bozzone  (3: 41: 02) followed by  Sven Riederer (3: 47: 14).  Javier Gómez Noya finally it was fourth (3: 48: 25).

Kristian Blummenfelt closes a magnificent season with bronze in the ITU World Series and a victory in his debut in the middle distance.

Men's Classification

1 3:40:24 Kristian Blummenfelt NOR 
2 3: 41: 02 - 0: 39 Terenzo Bozzone NZL 
3 3:47:14 - 6:50 Sven Riederer CHE 
4 3: 48: 25 - 8: 02 Javier Gomez ESP 
5 3:49:19 - 8:56 Matt Trautman ZAF 
6 3:49:35 - 9:12 Pieter Heemeryck BEL 
7 3:51:23 - 10:59 Ronnie Schildknecht CHE

Daniela Ryf does not get her second Triple Crown

As for the female proof, Daniela Ryf, the great favorite has not been able to obtain the victory in the test in which it would be the second time that the triple Crown won.

The first out of the water was Holly Lawrence followed by Ryf at 11 seconds and Anne Haug  At 1:15, in the 90 km of cycling Holly Lawrence was able to maintain the lead until km 30 where Daniela imposed a strong rhythm to leave alone and reach T2 with 1:36 on Holly Lawrence and 7:15 on Emma Pallant .

In the 21 km of running race Daniela Ryf did not have a good day and was reached by Holly Lawrence at km 7 of the test, where the advantage was increasing to achieve the final victory in a time of 4:02:33 followed by Anne Haug (4: 02: 43) who has been very close to the comeback with a half marathon of 1: 17: 27 and for Daniela Ryf (4: 06: 13) in third position.

Women's Classification

1 4:02:34 Holly Lawrence GBR 
2 4: 02: 44 - 0: 10 Anne Haug DEU 
3 4: 06: 14 - 3: 41 Daniela Ryf CHE 
4 4: 07: 08 - 4: 34 Emma Pallant GBR 
5 4: 10: 42 - 8: 09 Angela Naeth CAN


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