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The second part of Tim Don's documentary, "Man with the Halo: Iron Again"

The documentary tells the triumphant return of Tim Don to Kona

In this new documentary called, Man with the Halo: Iron Again, the triumphant return of Tim Don to Kona and all the drama of his trip to be in a state of form that would allow him to compete in the test

Tim got his goal of crossing the finish line in Kona with a 8 time: 45: 17

The sequel to The Man with the Halo: Iron again begins when Don returns to the place where the accident occurred in Hawaii, with comments from Don himself on the road, along with flashback images and photographs of him being taken to the hospital moments later of happened.

Video Tim Don: "Man with the Halo: Iron Again"

Don gives a sincere and unfiltered account of his pain and anguish, as he sets his sights on his comeback race in the Boston Marathon, where he finished in little more than 2: 49 and then jump to the Ironman's previous days. Hawaii

The video ends with Tim commenting on his participation in the World Championship

«It has been an exhausting trip during the last eight months, and one that I will never forget, "says Don. "I learned a lot about myself this year and, in particular, about how the mind is the most essential element in the recovery process.

Knowing that you have the strength and belief in yourself, above all, is my lifelong mantra that I would love to instill in others who may have experienced similar episodes. I would like to thank my team, my sponsors, my friends, my family and all those who have helped me to make my life come back to life. I have my eyes on Kona 2019 and it is as always. «

Photo: Al Bello / Getty Images

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