Lionel Sanders wins the IRONMAN 70.3 Augusta

The Canadian triathlete has shown that he is in top form for Kona

Today a new edition of the IRONMAN 70.3 Augusta where the canadian Lionel Sanders He has taken the victory.

Sanders, you used the test as preparation for the World Championship in Hawaii which was classified at the last moment.

He has achieved victory with a 3 time: 42: 19 followed by Bradley Weiss (3:44:02) and Andre Lopes (3:47:56).

Sanders arrived at T2 along with Frommhold and Weiss for a half marathon in 1:12:30 to take the victory.

A hopeful year for Sanders

After the injury (Stress fracture) that had left him without competing this year, Sanders got the pass to Kona in the IRONMAN Mont-Tremblant,  in the last test of the season in which Slot was offered to be in Hawaii.

Lionel had no plans to go to Kona, after the injury, but he tried his luck at Mont-Tremblant and with the second place he got on the test he got the pass to Hawaii.

With today's victory he shows that he is in top form and that he will be a favorite at the podium in Kona.

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