PRO List classified Ironman Kona 2019 (updated 09 / 08 / 2019)

We collect the "classifieds" for the Hawaii Ironman 2019

The classification for Ironman World Championship in Hawaii to be held in 2019 is already underway with the new classification system. This yearor the winners are directly classified of some Ironman test and depending on the race the second and even the third place.

We leave you the list of classified triathletes as well as the explanation of how the places are assigned for this year

Classifieds Ironman Kona 2019 Men

Classifieds Ironman Kona 2019 Women

1 Abraham Corinne United Kingdom QS IRONMAN Tallinn
2 Annett Jen Canada QS IRONMAN Canada
3 Bartlett Nikki United Kingdom QS IRONMAN Lanzarote
4 Bilham Emma Switzerland QS IRONMAN Ireland
5 Bleymehl Daniela Germany QS IRONMAN Italy
6 Brandon Lauren United States QS IRONMAN Boulder
7 Carfrae Mirinda Australia CS IRONMAN Argentina
8 Charles-barclay Lucy United Kingdom PS IRONMAN South Africa
9 Cheetham Susie United Kingdom QS IRONMAN Argentina
10 Corbin Linsey United States QS IRONMAN Wisconsin
11 Crowley Sarah Australia QS IRONMAN Argentina
12 Derron Nina Switzerland QS IRONMAN Vitoria
13 Friars Gurutze Spain QS IRONMAN South Africa
14 hooves Mareen Germany QS IRONMAN Malaysia
15 Homes Sue Canada QS IRONMAN Taiwan
16 Jackson Heather United States QS IRONMAN Arizona
17 Kessler Meredith United States QS IRONMAN New Zealand
18 Kunz Martina Switzerland QS IRONMAN Hamburg
19 Ballast Carrie Australia QS IRONMAN France
20 Liepold Kristin Germany QS IRONMAN Cairns
21 Mack Danielle United States QS IRONMAN Cairns
22 Mccauley Jocelyn United States QS IRONMAN New Zealand
23 Moench Skye United States QS IRONMAN Frankfurt
24 Morrison Kimberley United Kingdom QS IRONMAN Tallinn
25 Pedersen Camilla Denmark QS IRONMAN Wales
26 Philip Laura Germany QS IRONMAN Barcelona
27 Piampiano Sarah United States QS IRONMAN Brazil
28 Riveros Barbara Chile QS IRONMAN Western Australia
29 Ryf Daniela Switzerland CS IRONMAN Texas
30 Sali Kaisa Finland QS IRONMAN Cairns
31 Seymour Jeanni South Africa QS IRONMAN Texas
32 Siddall Laura United Kingdom QS IRONMAN Australia
33 Simmonds Imogen Switzerland QS IRONMAN Frankfurt
34 Smith Lesley United States QS IRONMAN Texas
35 Spieldenner Jennifer United States QS IRONMAN Louisville
36 Steffen Caroline Switzerland QS IRONMAN Western Australia
37 Steurer Bianca Austria QS IRONMAN Austria
38 Thoes Svenja Germany QS IRONMAN Cozumel
39 Fisherman Els Netherlands QS IRONMAN Cairns
40 Watkinson Annah South Africa QS IRONMAN South Africa
41 Withrow Kelsey United States QS IRONMAN Canada
Ironman Kona 2019 classification system

How do you qualify for the Ironman World Championship?

The World Champions

Kona winners receive a spot for the next five years after their victory. This slot must be verified by finishing at least one Ironman. If an athlete has not validated his champion position, "(NV)" is added. (The date shown is the most recent victory date.)

The podium in Kona

The second and third place finishers in Kona receive spots in next year's Kona race. Must be verified by finishing at least one Ironman. If an athlete has not validated their Kona Podium slot, “(NV)” is added.

The Ironman 70.3 World Champions

The winners of the Ironman 70.3 Championships receive a place for next year's Kona. This slot must be verified by finishing at least one Ironman. If an athlete has not validated their 70.3 slot, “(NV)” is added.

The winners of a Race

This is the "normal" way to qualify by winning or finishing near the front in an Ironman race. There is no additional validation requirement for this type of slot.

The slots are assigned proportionally to the male and female professionals according to the number of registered Pro in the race.

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