The Spanish 5 sub-8 hours at IRONMAN

3 of them have achieved it in the year 2019

Five Spaniards have got get off the 8 hours in an IRONMAN test (3,8 -180- 42) where in addition 3 of them have achieved this year 2019.

The Galician Ivan Raña he has “the best Spanish brand” in an Ironman distance triathlon, he achieved it in 2014, in IRONMAN Austria with a time of 7: 48: 43 what you put as the 11º fastest triathlete in IM of all time at that time.

The second position is for Víctor del Corral with 7: 53: 12 achieved in the IRONMAN Florida  in the year 2013. That was a fortnight to remember since Victor won two consecutive victories in just fifteen days with IM Florida and then the IRONMAN Arizona

Eneko Llanos, in third place was the first to break the 8 o'clock barrier in 2011. It was the IRONMAN Arizona  but this year he has surpassed himself and achieved his best time in a franchise test in the  IRONMAN Vitoria with a mark of 7: 55: 16.

Javier Gómez Noya is so far "the best debutant" Spanish in distance Ironman, the only one to do so by getting off the 8 hours in the IRONMAN of Cairns of 2018 with a time of 7: 56: 38

We also highlight the times of Gustavo Rodríguez and Pedro Andújar that this weekend have managed to get off the 8 hours in the IRONMAN Kalmar, although they did not get the Slot for Kona.

List Spanish Sub 8 hours in IRONMAN

Position Triathlete Brand Competition Year
1 Iva Raña 7:48:43 IM Austria 2014
2 Víctor del Corral 7:53:12 IM Florida 2013
3 Eneko Llanos 7:55:16 IM Vitoria 2019
4 Javier Gómez Noya 7:56:38 IM Cairns 2018
5 Gustavo Rodríguez 7:59:25 IM Kalmar 2019
6 Pedro Andújar 7:59:48 IM Kalmar 2019

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