Luxury participation with 7 winners in the Ironman Lanzarote 2017

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Only 10 days are missing so that next Saturday 20 of May will be the departure to the XXVI edition of Ironman Lanzarote, one of the "5 triathlon monuments" and this year presents a real luxury participation of national and international triathletes, with seven champions on the start list, something that is rarely seen in an Ironman except in Hawaii.

 These are the "7 7 champions" there will be in competition:

Poster Ironman Lanzarote 2017

From 2010 in men's category with Eneko Llanos and from 2009 in the feminine with Bella Bayliss No winner repeats title will it be in 2017? Also it is necessary to emphasize the debut in Lanzarote like PRO of the German Malte Burns, best age group in 2015, world champion of his age group 18-24 in Kona two seasons ago where he was also the best of all triathletes age groups.

As far as the Spanish representation is concerned, there will be 10 triathletes PROs in the start, another great fact, since few times a similar number has been seen in an Ironman.

Víctor del Corral (winner of 4 Ironman) and Carlos López (current champion of Ironman Mallorca) are the main strengths of the "IronArmada". In addition to them they will be Peru Alfaro, Fernando Dominique, Iván Tejero, Victor Rodriguez, Josep Viñolas y Xavier Torrades, these last two triathletes, are among the ten fastest Spaniards in an Ironman distance triathlon.

In women will be in the exit for the sixth consecutive time the four times top7 in Lanzarote Saleta Castro on "her island" and with her her friend Patricia Bueno, double kona finisher in age groups that this 2017 will compete in the PRO category, a great joy to see more Spanish run in the queen category of long distance.

And finally we can not fail to mention the "6 6 people" who have the records of participation in the Ironman Lanzarote. In the male category they will be Albert Corveleinj that has been 21 times finisher, Carmleo Ruiz what 20 has been and Amedeo Bonfanti that has 19. In women, they are registered Ingrid Arning 8 times finisher, Inés Hernandez seven times and Susana Román six.


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