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Patrick Lange Ironman World Champion

Epic comeback in the foot race by climbing over 10 minutes and 11 positions to get the world title with the test record included 8: 01: 40

The German Patrick Lange he was third last year in Kona and had suffered an injury this year that has had him standing for several months. This 2017 reappeared in Frankfurt with an 2 marathon: 39 and with a victory in the past Ironman 70.3 Reugen in a time of 3: 43, which promised a great career sector on foot. In the women's event Daniela Ryf has won his third world title.

Today, the most awaited race of the year has been played in Kona (Hawaii). Ironman World Championship where Jan Frodeno He was looking for his third consecutive victory. On the Spanish side Eneko Llanos participated in its twelfth World Championship and Ivan Raña in his fifth participation.

The test began at 18: 35 (Spanish time) with the 3, 8 km of swimming in Kailua Bay, where the Australian Josh Amberger was the fastest coming out in first position with 1: 19 on Jan Frodeno. Iván Raña left in 13ª position to 48 seconds and Eneko Llanos to more than 2 minutes of Amberger.

In the hard cycling sector of 180 km, little by little a group of 30 units at the head was formed separated by only 1 minute in the passage through kilometer 50, where Jan Frodeno, Iván Raña, Eneko Llanos, Frederik Van were. Lierde, Tim Reed, Tim O'Donnell, Patrick Lange, Andy Potts, Patrik Nilsson or David McNamee among others, Sebastian Kienle and Lionel Sanders, two of the race's favorites, came out of the water very late and went 3 minutes behind at this point in the race, although they were already cutting time on the first.

Josh Amberger was extending the advantage to pass the 70 race km with 32 seconds ahead of Igor Amorelli, 41 on the group of Jan Frodeno, Hoffman, Van Lierde among others. Ivan Raña and Eneko Llanos passed 1 together: 21 from the head. The group of Sanders and Kienle continued to climb positions to pass with 1: 30 disadvantage.

The Canadian Lionel Sanders, demonstrated to all because he is one of the best cyclists in the specialty and was climbing positions in the climb to Kawi to recover the 6: 30 that had disadvantage over Amberger occupying the lead of the test.

From the ascent and once at the turning point to return to Kona (km 95), a group of 12 remained in the lead with Sanders in the lead, Kienle, Frodeno, Van Lierde and O'Donnell while they were already passing about 2 minutes David McNamee, Andy Pott or Patrick Lange. Eneko Llanos lost 3:17 and Iván Raña fell to 26th place with a 5:32 disadvantage.

On the way back to Kona, at the 140 pass, Cameron Wurf, Sebastian Kienle and Lionel went ahead with an advantage over Jan Frodeno of 1: 05. Eneko passed twentieth to 6: 56 while Ivan Raña passed to 9: 11 of the head of the race.

In a final part where Sanders and Wurf left Kienle behind, they were together until in the final kilometers of the sector Cameron Wurf went solo to get to the T2 with 53 seconds ahead of Lionel Sanders. Cameron Wurf has beaten the Cycling record in 4: 12: 54, 5 minutes faster than Norman Stadler in 2006. Sebastian Kienle reached T2 1:35 minutes behind while Jan Frodeno did it at 2:15. Eneko Llanos was 20th at 18:33 and Iván Raña 25th at 20:41

record Ironman Hawaii cycling sector

Cameron Wurf could do little against the rhythm of Sanders, who surpassed him in the first kilometruses, leaving alone. Jan Frodeno started running, but had to start walking due to an injury that has worsened on the bike. Although after a time of recovery it returned to the race finishing it in more than 9 hours.

jan frodeno walking career foot ironman hawaii

Behind Sanders, Sebastian Kienle, Champion in 2014 and who in this year has managed to beat the record of the Ironman Frankfurt (7: 41: 42) struggled not to leave too much to the Canadian, who in the passage through the 19 km had a Advantage of 2: 27. Behind Patrick Lange has starred in the comeback of the day, passing through the 21 km with the best partial race overcoming more than 5 minutes.

Patrick Lange He continued with his strong pace until reaching his compatriot Sebastian Kienle in the 32 km of race and with the fixed glance in Sanders, Little by little the German was going up time to reach the Sanders in the km 37 of race, leaving alone to get the victory. In a time of 8: 01: 40. Lionel Sanders (8: 04: 07) finally was second, with a visible injury and David McNamee  (08: 07: 11) overtook Kienle in the last kilometers and got the third final place.

Patrick Lange's times in the test

Partial Patrick Lange Ironman Hawaii 2017


1 8:01:40 Patrick Lange        
2 8:04:07 2:27 Lionel Sanders       
3 8:07:11 5:31 David McNamee        
4 8:09:59 8:19 Sebastian Kienle     
5 8:11:24 9:44 James Cunnama        
6 8:13:06 11:27 Terenzo Bozzone      
7 8:14:43 13:04 Andy Potts           
8 8:18:21 16:42 Patrik Nilsson       
9 8:19:26 17:46 Ben Hoffman          
10 8:22:24 20:44 Boris Stein

As for the Spaniards we could see a great Ivan Raña making a comeback of his own, getting the eleventh final place advancing 14 positions in the marathon with a time of 8: 24: 43, while Eneko Llanos (8: 40; 52) has finished in the 23 position in his twelfth participation in the Ironman World Championship

ivan frog ironman kona

eneko plains


Photos @ironmanlive / Photo ivan raña and Eneko Llanos Instagram 

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