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Who was better in his debut IRONMAN, Javier Gómez Noya or Alistair Brownlee?

Although you can not compare 100% since it is not in the same test, we do it as a curiosity

Yesterday we saw the expected debut of Alistair Brownlee in the distance IRONMAN in IM Cork, where with a spectacular foot race tracing 17 minutes got the victory in the test.

In this competition the swim segment had to be canceled due to bad weather, and although we know that it is not possible to compare the times of the debut with Javier Gómez Noya last year in Cairns (where he was second) because the test is not the same, without swimming and bad weather (14 degrees), we do it as a curiosity, especially to look at the race on foot.

That's why we compile the times both races where these two great figures of the triathlon debuted

Alistair Brownlee IRONMAN Ireland 2019

  • Total time: 7: 49: 20
  • Swimming (3,8 km): Canceled due to bad weather
  • Biking (180 km): 4: 54: 08 (Average of 36,78 km / h)
  • Race on foot (42,2 km): 2: 51: 31 (4 media: 04)

Javier Gómez Noya IRONMAN Cairns 2018

  • Total time: 7: 54: 58
  • Swimming (3,8 km): 46: 41 (1 media: 12 the 100 meters)
  • Biking (180 km): 4: 25: 08 (Average of 40,79 km / h)
  • Race on foot (42,2 km): 2: 41: 02 (3 mean: 49 min / km)

Will Alistair be in Kona this year?

With this victory the Briton has achieved the pass to the IRONMAN World Championship in Hawaii, now we will have to wait to see the decision you make regarding this season, where he has already achieved victories in distance sprint, olympic, IRONMAN and a second place in 70.3 in Marbella who gave him the pass for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in Nice where if you participate you will see the faces with Noya, Frodeno, kienle, etc.

This month the British triathlete has achieved his fourth title of Triathlon European Champion on Olympic distance. Previously he participated in the World Cup of Cagliari, sprint distance, where he also got the victory

Alistair, with his participation in sprint and Olympic ITU tests, had hinted that he was preparing his participation in the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020, but with his bad performance of Leeds and with this victory in IM we will have to wait to see what he decides. that has all the options open.

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