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Who has been the youngest and most veteran triathlete to complete the IRONMAN Kona?

The youngest triathlete to complete at IROMAN in Hawaii is 18 years old and the longest 79

New Zealander Hill warren At 79, he was the oldest veteran triathlete to finish the IRONMAN of Hawaii with 16:38:20

His times were as follows:

Swimming 01:54:23
Biking 07:57:54
Carrera 06:24:36
Total 16:38:20

The oldest participant, Hiromu Inada, was unable to complete the test, and dropped out in the cycling sector.

Bobbe Greenberg (14: 07: 11) and Valerie Gonzales (15: 39: 30) have been the older women in completing Kona with 73 years.

The oldest participant, Dexter Yeats 74 years old, could not complete the test, and abandoned the race on foot.

The youngest at 18 years old.

The youngest triathlete to finish the IRONMAN Kona has been the French Pauline Anouk Chloé Dauvergne at just 18 years old, in a time of 15:29:17, while the youngest man was French Valentin Carboniero with 20 and a time of 15: 54: 39

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