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Roderick Sewell, the emotional story of overcoming IRONMAN Hawaii 2019

He has become the first triathlete amputated above the knees to complete it,

IRONMAN Ambassador Roderick Sewell, completed this past Saturday the IRONMAN of Hawaii becoming the first above-knee amputee triathlete to complete it,

Sewel, has completed the IRONMAN of Hawaii in a 16 time: 26: 59 finishing fourth in their age group PC Athetles.

Sewell participated in the test with a pair of prosthetic legs. Instead of pedaling on a traditional bicycle like other triathletes, he completed the tour on a hand bike while he ran on orthopedic legs in the marathon

the first triathlete amputated above the knees to complete the IRONMAN Hawaii

His career times

  • Swimming 3,8 km: 1:09:18
  • Cycling 180 km: 8: 51: 48
  • Foot race 42 km: 6: 15: 26


A hard childhood

Sewell has endured much bigger challenges in his life than completing an IRONMAN, He spent four years in his childhood traveling from one place to another and sleeping in homeless shelters while her mother, Marian Jackson, made sure she had expensive prosthetic legs.

He was born with a birth defect that led to theMutation of both legs above the knee before her turning 2 years old.

When he was 10 years old he saw one of his friends, also with two legs pointed swimming in the pool and from there his passion for swimming was born.

He is a great athlete in swimming

Since 2014 He has won several medals in 100 and 200 Braza meters with the American team of paranatation.

Seventeen years later, Sewell has become the first amputee above the knee to complete the Hawaii IRONMAN.

A great example for everyone.

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