Saleta Castro fourth in the Ironman of Malaysia

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The victories have gone to two winners of the Lanzarote Ironman, the German DianaRiesler and the French RomainGuillaume.

EastAt dawn, a new edition of the Ironman from Malaysia, where the Galician Saleta Castro has achieved a great 4ª place, improving the 5ª position of 2015. In the male category the best Spanish has been Carlos Aznar who has achieved the 8ª position.

The competition started at 6: 20 in the morning local time with a cloudy sky, without excessive heat around 27º and a relative humidity of 85%. The American LaurelWassner was the first to complete the 3,8 km of swimming with a time of 55: 31 and after her in second position was done by Saleta Castro in 56: 59. Third in the T2 was the German DianaRiesler to 40 »from Saleta giving time to a trio together with MareenHufe and ManonGenêt.

From the first kilometers Riesler imposes a strong rhythm on the two wheels that lead him to the lead of the race at km 13,5 where he was already riding alone, outselling 12 »to Wassner, 45» to Hufe and more to 1 'to the rest of the competitors . Riesler continued to increase the advantage little by little and half the bike segment the rent on the second, Hufe was 3 '. Saleta on the other hand was 4ª to almost 10 'of the leader.

In the last kilometers of cycling Diana Riesler I continued to increase the advantage and reached the T2 with almost 8 'over MareenHufe and more from 10 'on Manon Genêt.Saleta Castro On the other hand 5ª arrived at the second transition less than a minute from the fourth. The marathon was not going to bring significant changes in the podium, keeping the same positions until goal. Saleta on the other hand made a large segment, placed fourth in the km5 and thus was going to finish his 15º Ironman.

Women's Classification

1 - Diana Riesler 9: 19: 01

2 - Mareen Hufe 9: 27: 23

3 - Manon Genêt 9: 36: 14

4 - Saleta Castro 9: 38: 36

As far as men's competition is concerned, victory has been for French Romain Guillaume with a time of 8: 32: 53, followed by Jens Petersern-Bach to 3: 49 and from Romain Deisenhofer to 7: 51. Carlos Aznar has occupied the 8ª square with a time of 9: 16: 46 and Eneko Elosegi has been 10º with 9: 32: 08

 Photo @jamesmitchell5. Skechers Perfomance

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