Saleta Castro and Sara Loehr: "The Ironman 70.3 Cascais Portugal is a spectacular event, to repeat!"

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The Spanish triathletes Sara Loehr and Saleta Castro were 2ª and 5ª respectively in the past IM 70.3 of Cascáis achieving both a brilliant performance.

Last September, the first edition of the Ironman 70.3 Cascais Portugal, where the Spanish triathletes had an outstanding performance. Sara Loehr It was 2ª behind the host Vanessa Fernandes who took the victory. For its part Saleta Castro got the 5ª square and Patricia Bueno It was 7ª.

For both Sara and Saleta, Ironman 70.3 Cascais was a step where they added good points to qualify for the worlds of IM 70.3 and Ironman 2018 respectively. We have spoken with them to tell us how their career was, how are the circuits and also to know their opinion about Cascais IM 70.3.

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Saleta Castro (5ª classified in IM 70.3 Cascais)

Saleta Castro in iroman

Different swimming, we left a beach, we arrived at another beach where we made American tour, we returned to train the sea and finally we left in the port. I liked it, it was very well marked.

The bike route had a totally flat first part where it went very fast, then we went into the F1 circuit that made a bit of an impression to see the whole circuit just for the triathletes ... a good experience! And the final stretch of the bike was a bit hard, there was a little door where we climbed and climbed down in a fairly technical descent. Finally the final section of the cycling sector was made hard by the strong lateral wind that was on the coastal road, which for me was the most beautiful because we were stuck to the beach.

The race on foot was through the center of Cascais, all full of public, very well marked and an incredible atmosphere. This circuit also had its hardness with some ups and downs, a bit of leg break.

Finally I have to say that to be the first time this IM 70.3 was held in Cascais was a test of ten, with a very complete refreshments, a spectacular atmosphere and an organization of the best, at the height of Frankfurt or Lanzarote.

The very beautiful city, also note that they have great sports culture, practically all Cascais was closed to traffic. The 70.3 of Cascais is a highly recommended test ... to repeat!

Sara Loehr (2ª classified in IM 70.3 Cascais)

Sara Loerh competing in Ironman 703 Cascais

IM 70.3 Cascáis is a test located in a spectacular place. It was the first edition and although I had been running 70.3 from Vichy the previous week I had the privilege of being able to be there. An incredible organization that gave me everything I needed to feel at home, that made her calm and focused for the day of the test.

The swimming was very enjoyable, good temperature, a spectacular sea and something fun tending to leave the water in the first 400mts to the beach on the side and re-enter to finish the 1.900mts in the port where the box was.

The bike segment has two parts, a very rolling first part up to km 50 and from there the gradient begins, passing through the motorcycle circuit of Estoril, a beautiful area, once past those sections where a small port rises Last 15 km are already plains going through the spectacular cliffs and with ass wind where it flies.

The race on foot is hard, with constant slope that makes you lose strength but the amount of public that there is constantly encourages you. For my part it was a good race since I was able to get a good 2 position, I am very happy for the performance I had and certainly if my calendar allows it next year I will return.

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 Photos Saleta Castro, author Mitchel ProSport Photo / Sara Loehr @Qbio_bio

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