Tim Don will be at the Kona Ironman

Jonathan Shearon has renounced his Slot and gives way to the British triathlete

This has been published by the triathlete on their social networks. There was a possibility to participate where it depended on a triathlete giving up his Slot and that is how it has happened, since Jonathan Seharon will not be in Hawaii leaving the participation to one of the most beloved triathletes of the international scene, Tim Don.

Last weekend was the last qualifying for Kona where Tim tried to qualify in the IRONMAN Copenhagen not finishing the test and staying awaiting some resignation

This is the updated KPR table (the letter Q is classified)

Tim Don will be at the Kona Ironman,noticias_08_table-kpr-timdon-classified

On the other hand Matt Russell, the athlete who also suffered a terrible motorcycle accident in Kona (DURING the race, when a car withdrew to the circuit), is now in the position to go to KOna since he was only 15 points behind Tim. If an athlete who has already accepted the slot is removed, Matt would be next in line to fill that position.

Tim Don will be at Ironman Kona ,images_banner-zone3-desktop-19042018

Photo: @jamesmitchell5

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