Do you play sports but do you have a little extra? Race start helps you!

Race Start de Victory Endurance contains L-Carnitine and its thermogenic and fat-burning action favors the oxidation of fatty acids during sports, optimizing performance andn career thanks to the use of energy from the energy reserves of the body, which allows to save muscle glycogen and delay the sensation of fatigue.


Although dietary L-Carnitine is not considered medicine to treat obesity, taking supplements of this nutrient can contribute to achieve optimum oxidation of fats and therefore, to promote a healthy body weight. In this way, L-Carnitine supplements can support weight loss programs that include calorie reduction and physical exercise. A number of studies have shown the benefits of consuming L-Carnitine supplements to control weight in both animals and humans.

The latest clinical discoveries come from the University of Leipzig, Germany. Under the direction of Dr. Detlef Mueller, a clinical study investigated the effects of oral supplements of L-CARNIPURE ® (L-Carnitine Crystalline) on the in-vivo oxidation of long-chain fatty acids. The results basically indicate a significant increase in fat oxidation (decomposition and subsequent burning) in healthy adults who had taken L-Carnitine supplements. According to Dr. Dr. Mueller, "this study is important for all people who exercise, for those who follow a weight loss program and in situations of high energy demand."

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