3 tips to make swimwear last longer.

Following these three simple sand tips will prevent swimsuits from wearing out

Our friends Sand, they have sent us a guide with a series of recommendations for cugo our swimsuits and prevent them from wearing out.

Thanks to these tips the swimsuits will last longer, the fabric and its fibers will remain intact longer and they will continue to look like the first day.

If you follow these simple ones you will avoid that the colors of the swimsuits They fade so fast and most of all it will keep its elasticity for longer.

Rinse the swimsuit right after bathing or training.

Chlorine and salt can discolor our hair, leave us with dry skin, and cause the colors in our swimsuits to fade.

To prevent this from happening, you have to Minimize the amount of time a swimsuit is in water.

Therefore, the first thing to do when leaving the sea or swimming pool is rinse the swimsuit with plenty of fresh water

Use a small amount of mild soap.

The washing machine is the main enemy of swimsuits, not only are the soaps used in them too aggressive, in addition, spinning and drying can quickly destroy the fibers that make up the elastic fabrics of swimsuits.

Choose a neutral soap and use the minimum amount necessary to remove chlorine and salt.

 Let your swimsuit dry and don't roll it up.

After washing the swimsuit, it should dry asap. Try to minimize the time you keep the swimsuit in the backpack.

Swimsuits must dry naturally, preferably in horizontal or vertical position, without curling or wrinkling and if possible avoiding direct sunlight


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