4 brutal workouts of the triathlete Richard Murray that you will have to do

We collect some of them so you can do them at some point

South African triathlete Richard Murray is hanging on his trough Youtube, various trainings you are doing

We collect some of them so you can do them at some point

20 × 200 race training

This training consists of doing 20 × 200 at a rate of 3:00 -2: 50 min / km

After taking a 200 meter break at 1:15 jog

8 × 1000 race training

The objective is to do the series at 80-85% of the maximum HR, in its case between 160-175 PPM or at a rate of 3: 15/20 min / km

His best mark in 5 k of 13:37

The South African, has achieved a time of 13: 137 in making 5 kilometers, he tells us in this video.

The last kilometer was at a rate of 2:36 min / km and a FC Max of 205 PPM

20x30x20 cycling training

This training was done in a 90 kilometer cycling run where he introduced several repetitions of this sequence in the session

  • 20 seconds to Max, rec
  • 30 seconds to Max. Rec
  • 20 ′ seconds to Max Max, rec

That day the triathlete completed 12 kilometers of running plus 3,2 km of swimming in the morning. And in the afternoon 3 hours of cycling with this training


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