5 Zone3 gifts perfect for triathletes

Zone3 A benchmark brand in the world of triathlon and open water swimming, it is one of the safe gifts for any triathlete.

It has a range of wetsuits, trituits, swimming buoys, glasses, etc. perfect for athletes who want to start triathlon as well as experienced ones.

In this article we recommend 4 options with which you will surely be right if you want to give something to a triathlete or open water swimmer

Vanquish neoprene

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Proclaimed as Zone3's best wetsuit with unmatched performance

The suit is designed to ensure that the shoulder, arm, upper back and back areas are as flexible as possible, combining this with some of the most buoyant materials in the world around the quads, hips and glutes.

It uses some of the world's highest performing materials and combines them with a thoroughly researched panel design to ensure maximum flexibility and balanced buoyancy.


Neoprene Aspire

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One of the highest rated wetsuits of the last decade that has won a wide range of industry awards.

The main features that have made the Aspire so popular are still around, and new features have been added to improve performance and comfort.

The Aspire is the perfect suit from the beginning athlete to the professional athlete and as such has been offering a fantastic swimming experience to all who have chosen this suit since its inception in 2008.


Lava Trisuit

5 perfect Zone3 gifts for triathletes ,img_61d2a9796c959

The award-winning Lava collection has been the staple within Zone3's range of trisuits since its launch in 2013.

the best Italian and French fabrics and materials to repel water, optimize aerodynamics and improve comfort.


Safety Buoy with Waterproof Bag 28L

5 perfect Zone3 gifts for triathletes ,img_61d2a98528f82

Designed for safety and storage when swimming in open water.

The 28L bag is highly recommended for all open water swimmers who need to carry their gear when they go swimming, or for anyone who wants greater visibility when swimming in the open sea.


Waterproof backpack

5 perfect Zone3 gifts for triathletes ,img_61d2a94853c19

 Designed for training and traveling, it contains all the functionalities you need for a training session or a trip to the office, without having to worry about your belongings getting wet from the rain.

The 25-liter capacity is designed not to be too big or too small, allowing space for all your essential gear requirements and with internal and external pockets for added convenience.



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