5 swim books with exercises to improve your swimming technique

In this article we leave you a compilation of 5 swimming books, where you can find technique exercises, tricks to improve, new ways of training and much more [no_toc]

We have compiled some good reads for swimming lovers with the aim that they can help you improve your swimming technique.

There are for all kinds of levels, both for those who want to start and those who want to continue learning about swimming with book readings on the subject.

The 100 best swimming exercises

Swimming better is a matter of swimming effectively. Although good technique is the basis for swimming well, it is often difficult to isolate technical problems just by swimming a few lengths. The defects of the swimming style slow down the progression of the swimmers and even cause injuries if they are prolonged in time.

That is the reason why exercises have become a fundamental aspect of training at all sport levels. Through specific and repetitive execution, and with immediate feedback from the coach, the exercises teach swimmers to improve their effectiveness and reduce effort.

In The 100 best swimming exercises, Blythe Lucero has compiled the most effective swimming exercises gathered over more than 20 years working with swimmers. The book is organized into sections by styles: crawl or freestyle, back, breaststroke and butterfly. All the exercises are explained step by step and are accompanied by very useful drawings.

In each section, the exercises are organized into subsections that focus on body position, kick, stroke, breathing, leverage, and coordination. Operating from start to finish, it is possible to improve the technique of one style and then move on to the next.

The recapitulation tables help swimmers identify problems and introduce modifications. Underwater and surface photographs provide swimmers with optimal images to emulate with practice. The 100 best swimming exercises are an excellent tool for swimmers of any level in their attempt to swim better.

Swimming exercises

All styles, all the skills to swim successfully The technique is essential for swimming performance. Whether in the pool or in open water, both coaches and swimmers know that the efficiency at the time of entering the water and moving is equivalent to milliseconds of improvement; milliseconds that make a difference in a competition.

That's where this book offers help. Includes 176 exercises to perfect your strokes, correct defects and improve your feelings in the water. In addition to mastering the four styles of competition, you will learn the basics of body position, paddling, exits, turns and arrivals.

You will even find a section of exercises in open water and sessions of exercises with bands of resistance to realize in dry. Check for yourself why this book should be on the shelf of every coach and swimmer worth its salt. Describe with great precision all the styles, all the skills and everything you need to be a successful swimmer.

Total immersion

Total immersion is a swimming program that teaches how to move in the water with the ease of movement of Olympic athletes.

This book is the guide for free swimming style that combines technique and practice in the same spirit as yoga and tai chi. It is a book for all swimmers from the beginner to the veteran.

The Secrets To Swimming Faster

In Swimming. Secrets to Swim Faster Sheila Taormina 4 Olympic times, gold medalist and triathlon world champion, reveals the swimming technique used by the fastest swimmers in the world.

Many swimmers and triathletes disregard the keys to speed because they are distracted by counting arms, perfecting their body posture or trying to slide excessively.

Sheila Taormina is based on simple scientific principles and with the help of photographs

Treaty of swimming

Treaty of swimming. From initiation to perfection is a guide for the teaching of swimming. Exercises are introduced to familiarize the student with the environment and thus master flotation, breathing, sliding, propulsion and immersion.

Then for each swimming style a historical introduction is presented, the official tests are indicated, the technique and the fundamental points of the style are described, the learning sequence is explained, methodological advice is offered

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