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Try the Skechers Go Run Pure

If you are looking for a comfortable shoe, for neutral runners the Go Run Pure are ideal

Skechers Go Run Pure

90 €

Price quality






For training


For competition


For Trialton



  • Neutral tread
  • Light
  • Withouth stitches
  • Ideal for 10 and 21 km
  • For sprint / olympic triathlons


  • 100% for asphalt
  • A bit fair for marathon

After the analysis we did with the shoes Go Run MaxRoad 3 , now our Skechers friends have sent us the GO Run Ultra Pure Now that we have put them to good use, we will describe the pros and cons of this shoe.

The first thing that stands out is its weight, 227 grams for a size 42 . They are some neutral shoes Ideal for training and short competitions. As in all Skechers when you put on your shoes, you feel that you are putting on your house shoes, which gives a pleasant feeling of comfort

These shoes, has the UltraGoTM damping technology , making it light and very comfortable. further has no seams which will avoid chafing and guarantees breathability and comfort when rolling with them.

It has a reinforced tongue to have a safer fit

Another detail that stands out is its parametric sole, light, very flexible and with reinforcements which offers all-surface traction to obtain a greater traction and duration

All these technologies favor a more natural footprint, something important if we are looking for comfort in training.

Its ideal for neutral tread runners, for quick workouts

Technical characteristics

  • Weight: 227,6 g for footwear in men's 42 number
  • 6 drop mm
  • 3,8 heel cm
  • Ultralight and effective ULTRA GO ™ cushioning
  • Light web parametric sole
  • seamless breathable mesh
  • Lace-up front
  • Reflective details
  • 3 colors (Red / Orange, Blue / Lime, Black / Blue)

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In conclusion

If you are looking for a comfortable shoe, for runners of neutral tread, with low weight and for workouts or short distance races, the Skechers Gorun Ultra Pure are ideal.

They are intended for medium weight athletes, with average times between 5: 30 / 4: 30 min / km

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