Zoggs accessories to give away this Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and it's time to look for gifts for our loved ones.

If it is the case that the person you want to give is a triathlon or swimming lover, a reference brand in this world is Zoggs.

For this reason we compiled a series of gift ideas for swimmers They can help you choose the best one.

Swimming goggles

These glasses have photochromic lenses, which react with the sun to adapt to the brightness. It has a 180 degree vision thanks to the slow curved lenses.

It has two size options and the 4 flexpoint technology that offer greater flexibility in the necessary points, combined with super soft and anti-allergic silicone that guarantees greater comfort, fit and durability.

Material for technique pool

Zoggs has all the necessary material to practice the swimmer's technique.

This is fundamental, since an obligatory part of the training is to practice technique in the pool to improve in this discipline,

We propose the following options

Swimming shovels

Ideal for optimize stroke technique, forces your hand to stay straight with each stroke.

Pull Buoy

Designed to isolate the lower body, improving upper body strength and stroke.


This accessory will allows you to focus on the position of your body while swimming to improve your technique.


These are fins specifically Designed for optimum propulsion, performance and durability.

Training Table 

Other essential accessory for swimmer that allows you to work your kick in swimming

For those who like to swim in the sea in winter

The brand also has several neoprene accessories that allow you to maintain body temperature and train in the sea throughout the year,

neoprene cap

It is a 3mm neoprene cap with inner lining, with a Glide Skin surface and bright colors to be visible at sea.

safety at sea

Safety buoy

Thanks to this safety buoy you can be visible in the water.

Bright in color (available in orange and fuchsia), it visibly floats behind the swimmer. In addition, it has a small interior pocket to store your personal things.

These are a few examples of Zoggs and Head products.

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