Max'sSystem presents its new AERO ERKOS Carbon Multirregulable Coupling

They are ideal for medium and long distance triathlons

Max'sSystem  increases its range of couplings with the launch of AERO ERKOS Carbon Multirregulable , 3k carbon housing designed for the middle and long distance lover triathlete

With a weight of 390 grams without bushings or 480 grams with them, it has a great fixation and traction force. This model by having the elbow rests behind the handlebar offers more comfort for medium or long distance tests.

This coupling as well as all the couplings AERO MultirregulableMax'sSystem s can be mounted with flat handlebars. Only 1 cm is needed. on each side of the stem to place the two coupling clamps.

Technical characteristics

  • · Ergonomic 3k carbon extensions for greater fixation and traction force.
  • More Aero position when reversing the clamp that holds the handlebar and the extensions can go BELOW the handlebar
  • Ideal for biomechanics
  • Possibility of placing the extensions ABOVE the handlebar.
  • Possibility of placing the backrest on the back of the handlebars when falling down to the head, offering more comfort when the musculature is more relaxed.
  • Adjustable Supports:
    • Height through bushings.
    • Rotational, Lateral and Medial.
  • They can be placed behind, above or in front of the handlebar.
  • Optional: Connector Bridge and Caps to convert handlebars
  • 31.8 the 26.
  • TO THE. 6061-T6

Coupling AERO ERKOS Carbon Multirregulable by Max'sSystem


PVP. 215,00 €
WEIGHT: 390 g without bushings, 480 g with bushings

Maxs'System is presented in this way, thanks to its continuous innovation and development of products by and for the triathlete, as a reference in the world of triathlon.

A prestigious brand with quality in its products that also has personalized attention thanks to its technical support in Spain that will be able to solve all your doubts email:

We will shortly publish in detail, how the AERO couplings are mounted on flat handlebars.

Further information:

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